Clothing industry needs hard support, let small and medium-sized enterprises hope constantly

the instability of RMB exchange rate and the continuous rise of labor cost and raw material cost lead to the higher and higher cost of small and medium-sized enterprises in the clothing industry and the more difficult survival. 1n this regard, Wang Yongzheng, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, vice president of Tianjin Garment Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of Yongzheng garment manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that the state should increase efforts to give clear, positive, and even one size fits all support to small and medium-sized enterprises, so that they can have a better living space. Xia Hua, chairman of Yiwen group, said that the government’s decision should let enterprises see hope in the process of development

since the financial crisis, especially in the recent two years, there have been problems such as labor cost and labor shortage. Textile enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, and their survival is becoming more and more difficult. Wang Yongzheng said that small enterprises, especially labor-intensive industries such as textile and clothing, do not have so much capital, and it is difficult for the state’s policies to be implemented. 1n addition, the difficulties of some super large and big enterprises are not in the same starting line as those of small and medium-sized enterprises. Strong enterprises and weak enterprises form two different classes among employees, which is not conducive to the harmonious development of society

Wang Yongzheng said that in many developed countries, small and medium-sized enterprises have small and medium-sized enterprise departments, especially the small enterprise department, which has played a huge role in supporting, helping and promoting small enterprises in a country, and many small and medium-sized enterprises in developed countries support the development of national economy

finally, Wang Yongzheng said that the state should make greater efforts to give clear, positive and even one size fits all support to small and medium-sized enterprises, so that they can have a better living space. 1n addition, small and medium-sized enterprises can fully use this part of the benefits that the state let out for the welfare of their employees. Now the “labor law” needs to be fully implemented, but many enterprises can not, because the profits of enterprises are very small, the state should give enterprises support in tax and other aspects

as a person in the clothing industry, Xia Hua, chairman of iven group, said that the rise in staff costs has brought about the rise in the cost of raw materials, which has a particularly strong superimposed effect. The rise in the price of raw materials has a great impact on China’s core enterprises

Xia Hua said that from the beginning of the year to now, the operating rate of most garment processing plants is 60% to 70%, which is based on the formulation of various policies and awards, such as reimbursement of tickets, rewards for family members, etc. The operating rate is insufficient, which has a great impact on the autumn and winter products and the spring and summer products to be launched immediately

Xia Hua said that the government’s decision-making should let enterprises see hope constantly in the process of development, and must be considered in a very important position” For economic development, its vitality, vigor and passion are very important. From this point of view, it doesn’t matter that raw materials rise, labor shortage and labor cost rise. These enterprises still have the passion to go on and get close to the world class. “

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