Clothing industry: re exploration of the business model from offline to online

perhaps the real solution and meet the needs of consumers and their own brand development, enterprises will no longer have besieged problems

online and offline brands run counter to each other according to their own reasons, and the same problems appear after they go in different directions

whether it is from offline to online or vice versa, an embarrassing problem is that the network has a unique marketing charm and huge market potential, but the physical store has a huge advantage in user experience and so on. For traditional enterprises, it is the foundation of hard work for many years

this kind of conflict is what no enterprise wants to see. Specifically, the competition between online channels and offline channels is the competition for consumers, which is also the source of the conflict. Due to the rapid and convenient network communication, online channel, as a new channel, attracts consumers, which naturally leads to the extrusion of traditional channels

secondly, due to the characteristics and advantages of online marketing communication, goods sold through online channels do not have logistics and storage costs, and they do not have to bear expensive marketing costs, resulting in the same products sold online are cheaper than those sold in offline retail stores. According to the data from Taobao, compared with traditional logistics, online stores can save 60% of the transportation cost and 30% of the transportation time, reduce the marketing cost by 55% and channel cost by 47% compared with traditional offline stores. Considering the above cost factors, it is perfectly normal that there is a price difference of 20-30% between the online and offline channels of the same commodity, which is enough to cause huge turbulence in the offline channel industry chain

however, whether it is channel resources or prices, these conflicts of interest ultimately point to consumer demand. Zhou Chengjian once said, “the most fundamental thing to do retail is to understand the needs of consumers. 1n addition to understanding the known needs of consumers, we should also think about what the unknown needs of consumers are, and how to tap the potential and unknown needs of consumers. This is a problem that the retail industry needs to think about every day.”

it may really solve and meet the needs of consumers and brand development, and make e-commerce become an indispensable part of enterprise management and brand marketing, so they will no longer have the trouble of besieging

in the context of e-commerce has become the general trend, whether traditional enterprises go online or online brands open physical stores, they are likely to come to the same goal in the future – the balanced development of online and offline integration. Now, many brands have begun to explore

“the effective presentation of new action, creative behavior and fashion creativity in the industry chain – completely changing the traditional extensive style”

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