Clothing industry: value innovation becomes a new task

as a widely used high-tech industry, the garment industry is sensitive to the progress of science and technology outside the industry. At present, the combination of industrialization, informatization and intelligence has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness of China’s garment processing. After China’s garment and textile industry has completed the mission of scale expansion, quantity growth is no longer the first goal, and brand development with value innovation as the core will become a new historical task

the clothing industry will enter the era of “big enterprises”

in the future, the competition of enterprises will not be limited to the level of product competition, but the competition between the overall resources of enterprises. The era of capital integration is coming, and enterprises in the future will face the problem of integration and integration. The number of Listed Companies in the clothing sector will increase rapidly. With the listing of more companies, the clothing industry will be further away from the era of “big enterprises”

the clothing industry will enter the era of “big brands”

the situation of the clothing industry is very clear now. 1t is an era of clothing brands. Without brands, it is very difficult to move forward. Whether it is traditional channels or network channels, well-known enterprises have taken the lead. Big brands are also working hard to improve their cultural charm, market segmentation and creativity, so as to deeply impress consumers, make consumers rely on them and improve their brand loyalty

there is a vast space for online sales channels

nowadays, many garment enterprises are seizing the share of the online market. 1t can be said that this is still a beginning. 1t is still in the exploration stage, and the development space is very wide. However, at present, the most suitable way is to integrate the traditional channels with the online channels, use them at the same time, improve efficiency, learn from each other’s strong points and complement each other, 1mprove the overall market share of products

“customization” will prevail in a certain range

“tailor to measure” and “hand sewing”, a major clothing consumption mainstream 30 years ago, will come back. The difference is that today’s “tailor-made” has stepped onto the industrial production line, and “hand sewing” has been integrated into the industrial production process. When the demand for personalized consumption of urban white-collar workers expands, “customization” has almost become a special embodiment of identity and taste” “Custom” has been quietly rising in some men’s dress brand stores, high-grade office buildings and high-grade hotels, and will spread to women’s dress and other fields in the future. Although “customization” can not become a mainstream consumption mode in the short term, it will certainly become a bright star in the clothing consumption market after 2010

China’s clothing enterprises are seeking the international road

international brands are stepping up their offensive in China, striving to seize the opportunity of China’s market when the demand is rising but not yet mature. After 2010, there will be more international brand stores in China’s clothing market. 1nternational integration means that the global distance has narrowed, and China’s clothing market is becoming more and more international. On the other hand, Chinese enterprises will make new breakthroughs in the development of the international market. Li Ning’s low-key stores in the United States may open a new curtain for Chinese brands to officially enter the international market. Chinese enterprises will follow the smile curve to further seek a higher position in the international division of labor” Li & Fung and Yida will be “copied” and even further developed. Chinese enterprises will appear more frequently in the world, and the world will accept “Chinese clothing” and “Chinese enterprises” gradually turning from “world factory” to the leading position. The international road of Chinese clothing has started with a clear goal

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