Co construction, ecology, coordination and win win

Looking back on the past, ascended the security after extraordinary achievements. Looking forward to the future, how Dengsheng security will deal with the situation change is a problem that every Dengsheng security person and dealer partner need to think about” Build ecological, collaborative and win-win “ascend the 4th national security dealers summit, join hands with dealers partners to meet the new journey and new challenges< On July 27, the fourth national dealer summit of Dengsheng security arrived as scheduled. The theme of this conference is "co construction, ecological coordination and win-win". Mr. Lei Limin, chairman of safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, Mr. Gong Desheng, deputy director of Standing Committee of Gaomi people's Congress, Mr. Zhao Lei, chairman of Dengsheng security, Mr. Liu Pingsheng, marketing director of Dengsheng security, Mr. Meng Sen, general manager of Linyi HengAn Labor Protection Articles Co., Ltd Li Zhihua, President of China labor protection magazine, Shi Yibing, editor in chief of China labor protection network, fan Guoqiang, editor in chief of Netease China Weifang, Weifang reporter Station of Shandong TV station, Wang Liangjia, editor in chief of Weifang channel of Qilu network, Shen Guang'an, deputy director of Weifang reporter Station of Dazhong network, Du Zhenqiang, director of Weifang reporter Station of Dazhong daily, etc The media and more than 300 excellent dealers from all over the country gathered in Gaomi, Mo Yan's hometown, to make important sharing and in-depth exchanges on Dengsheng security development plan although the conference is only two days, Dengsheng security shares the forward-looking industry trends and shows the new development strategy with the attitude of industry benchmark to the participating dealers. With strong brand influence and strong professional strength, we will be promoted to the security dealer conference in 2019 with great achievements condense ascend wisdom and create value by collaboration July 27 is the first day of the dealer conference. Visiting Dengsheng security factory has become the most important part, and its strength shows Dengsheng security’s enterprise management attitude. All visitors are shocked, not only for the meticulous requirements of Dengsheng security on product quality, but also for the Dengsheng one thing one code anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting tracking system. To build such a leading traceability platform in the industry requires huge investment and excellent professional strength it condenses the essence of Dengsheng security departments, and focuses on the display of products with the leading level in the industry. Excellent ideas and the latest technologies are gathered here, representing the super high level of Dengsheng security. This is only one aspect of the powerful strength of Dengsheng security. The increasingly perfect product line, the continuous development of R & D technology and many other achievements set the industry standard. New journey, looking forward to a new breakthrough in climbing security industry strategy information sharing and collaboration are everywhere Gong Desheng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Gaomi Municipal People’s Congress and chairman of the municipal security industry advisory and steering committee, announced the opening of the summit and delivered a welcome speech president of China Textile Business Association Mr. Lei Limin, chairman of the safety and health protection articles Committee, attended and delivered a speech this dealer conference invited dealers from all over the country, some even came from afar. 1n the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit, Dengsheng security has carefully prepared the trend information dinner of key industries, which makes the dealers more confident in the good development momentum of Dengsheng security Dengsheng security is well aware of the importance of seizing industry opportunities. Take the opportunity of the dealer conference, provide forward-looking views, and work with dealers to explore a better plan. Whether it’s industry trend sharing or industry strategy research report, it’s self-evident for Dengsheng security, which is even more valuable information for dealers dealers are close partners of Dengsheng security, and the good cooperation with many national excellent dealers contributes to the rapid development of Dengsheng security. The unity with dealers in all aspects is another true portrayal of the spirit of “win-win cooperation” the launching ceremony of Dengsheng Business School in order to follow the development trend of the industry and meet the knowledge needs of the majority of dealers in business strategy construction, elite team building, enterprise management and operation, Dengsheng security adheres to the great mission of “helping dealers make more money” and has been preparing for many years We spent a lot of money to build a high-quality platform for dealers to learn and communicate – Dengsheng business school was successfully launched under the common witness of the participating partners< Mr. Zhao Lei, chairman of Dengsheng Security Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech entitled "co construction of ecology, coordination and win-win situation". Mr. Zhao analyzed the current situation of the industry and proposed a new idea of Co Construction of industry ecology, 1t is suggested that participating partners should firmly resist low price competition and provide users with high-quality products; Mr. Zhao shared the ten-year plan of Dengsheng security with the participating partners, focusing on "how to help dealers earn money and reshape the business civilization of the industry", enabling dealers and their teams, which aroused resonance among the majority of dealers Meng Sen, general manager of Linyi HengAn, delivered a speech entitled “seize the opportunity, transform and upgrade, serve the competition, create the advantage — development trend and marketing landing strategy of labor insurance industry”. From the analysis of the current economic situation, the development trend of labor insurance industry, coping methods, marketing strategies four aspects to do a detailed explanation award ceremony the award ceremony in the afternoon is also another highlight of the summit: “outstanding contribution award”, “meritorious person Award”, “best dark horse award”, “Sales Champion Award”, “e-commerce mode Award”, “retail Terminal Development Award”, “industrial product channel development model award”, “mode transformation model award”, “price system model award”, etc The decision of “regional protection model award”, “business model award” and other awards, let us see the spirit of Dengsheng’s pursuit of perfection, throughout the whole process, from product to project to operation, Dengsheng’s strategy< The rapid expansion of Dengsheng security has never been achieved by just one advertisement, one marketing and one popular payment, but by the interconnection of all links, perfect after-sales service, close cooperation and gradually building brand effect over time. The "signing ceremony" in the afternoon brought the atmosphere of the summit to a climax. Behind the awards are countless people working together to strive for the highest goal: more efficient service, better products and better operation there are also well prepared programs at the summit dinner. On the stage, they are elegant, confident and show the spirit of the ascending people in everyone’s smiling face, the fourth national dealer summit of Dengsheng security in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion. As a representative of the domestic glove industry, Dengsheng security adheres to the quality and brand image, and has the style of being the industry leader. Dengsheng security’s great achievements are inseparable from the trust of many dealers. On the new journey, Dengsheng security will double its excellence and create more brilliance

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