Coal mine production safety accident emergency drill

coal mine fire emergency drill

in order to improve the emergency handling ability of mine rescue workers to deal with mine fire and other emergencies, ensure the rapid and orderly rescue and disaster relief work, ensure the personal safety of miners to the maximum extent, and reduce the property loss of mine disaster accidents, on the morning of June 18, Yongchun County Coal Management Bureau carried out on-site emergency rescue drill of coal mine production safety accident (fire) in No. 2 well of Qiankeng coal mine

the drill focused on the fire accident of the surrounding supporting materials caused by the short circuit fire of the transmission line, and two operators were trapped. After receiving the fire report, Quanzhou mine rescue team of Sanquan mine rescue Co., Ltd. immediately organized its members to go to the mine for rescue. Yongchun Coal Management Bureau quickly established the on-site emergency rescue headquarters, which consists of seven working groups, including comprehensive group, on-site emergency rescue group, logistics support group, safety guarantee group, health and medical group, aftermath treatment group and accident investigation group, Each group performs its own duties, participates in the underground and ground rescue drill, and the personnel are equipped with personal protective equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the drill plan

at the drill site, all member units of the emergency headquarters responded quickly and cooperated with each other, and the whole drill process was well organized, tense and orderly, with strong command. This drill takes 2 hours, from receiving and sending out the police to investigating, extinguishing the fire, rescuing the trapped, checking the hidden fire, detecting the harmful gas and clearing the fire scene. The whole process has achieved the expected effect through the close cooperation and emergency rescue of all the combat personnel

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