Coal mine staff skills training class

On May 22, Qitaihe Federation of trade unions held a training course for improving the skills of employees of coal mining enterprises in Xintie Coal Mine Safety Technology Training Center of Qitaihe coal company. A total of more than 100 business backbone personnel from coal mining enterprises in Qitaihe City participated in the training. This is also the second training course for high skilled backbone talents held by Qitaihe Federation of trade unions this year after the first training course for coal chemical industry projects

Xintie Coal Mine Safety Technology Training Center of Qimei coal company is one of the 10 “skills training bases for workers in the whole city” set up by the Municipal Federation of trade unions this year. 1t is also a professional skill training base for workers transferred to other posts set up by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security. 1t can undertake the training of special workers at the third level of coal mine, employees at the fourth level of coal mine, pre job training and skill training for new workers, etc. The training center covers an area of 10000 square meters, with a teaching building area of 3868 square meters. 1t is equipped with multimedia classrooms, computer examination rooms, safety education exhibition rooms, accident safety exhibition rooms, book reading rooms, archives rooms, computer rooms, tools and materials rooms, and electric pliers technology rooms, etc The practical training of trauma first aid and other equipment was carried to the ground. There are 14 full-time teachers and 6 part-time teachers in the training center. All of them have college degree or above, including 4 with intermediate title and 8 with senior title

the training course lasts for three days, and the training content involves the professional knowledge of coal mine safety production laws and regulations and safety management, mining, electromechanical, transportation, ventilation, trauma first aid, etc. 1n the training class, the training teachers fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff in learning with vivid and humorous language, and discuss and solve the problems they put forward. Through this training, everyone said that this training is very fruitful. 1n the future work, we should start from strengthening learning, constantly improve their own quality, actively innovate work ideas, and make new contributions to the development of coal mining enterprises through practical actions

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