Code of conduct for safety production of coal mine workers

1n order to conscientiously implement the “seven regulations on the protection of miners’ lives and safety by mine managers”, standardize the safe production behavior of coal mine workers, and create an atmosphere of interaction between mine managers and workers, Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology has formulated and issued the “code of conduct for safe production of coal mine workers in Henan Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “code”)

the code regulates the behavior of coal mine workers from 10 aspects, including safety awareness, job responsibilities, business skills, occupational health, risk pre control, work quality, facility protection, disaster disposal, safety mutual protection, civilization and integrity. The main purpose of printing and distributing the code is to comprehensively enhance the safety awareness and responsibility awareness of coal mine workers, improve their professional skills and overall quality, effectively prevent the phenomenon of “three violations” and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents.

attachment 1: Code of conduct for safety production of coal mine workers in Henan Province

Article 2 love one’s own work, perform one’s duties and consciously abide by rules and regulations

Article 3 timely training and learning, to ensure that the certificate to work, master business skills

Article 4 abide by the rules of entering the well, use protective equipment well, and improve the level of occupational health

Article 5 implement risk pre control, take the initiative to investigate and treat hidden dangers, and effectively eliminate the root causes of accidents

Article 6 adhere to post standards, improve work quality and create a safe working environment

Article 7 take good care of equipment and facilities, use and maintain them correctly, and ensure stable and reliable operation

Article 8 be familiar with coal mine disasters, identify and deal with risk sources, and improve the ability of emergency rescue

Article 9 the rights of miners should be fulfilled, violations should be resisted, and mutual insurance and joint insurance should be implemented

Article 10 to improve the ability of implementation, to achieve the prohibition, strive to be a safe and civilized miner.

attachment 2: Code of conduct for safety production of coal mine workers in Henan Province (detailed)

Article 1: adhere to safety first, care and cherish life, and put safety policy into mind and heart

coal is a high-risk industry, and coal mine safety is the top priority of safety production. The party and the state have always attached great importance to the work of production safety. On the basis of summing up the practice of production safety in various industries for many years, the policy of production safety of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management” has been established, which is the basic policy of national production safety management” “Safety first” is the core concept of the party and the state’s work safety policy, which not only reflects the importance of the party and the government on safety work, but also embodies the important idea of people-oriented” “Prevention first” is the prerequisite of “safety first”. To achieve “safety first”, we must adhere to “prevention first” and make the work from passive to active” “Comprehensive management” is the means and methods to implement “safety first and prevention first”, which means to comprehensively use economic, legal, administrative and other means, take human management, rule of law and technical prevention into consideration, and give full play to the supervision role of society, workers and public opinion to effectively solve the problems in the field of safety production. Therefore, “safety first” is the requirement of all work, and “prevention first, comprehensive treatment” is the basic guarantee to realize this requirement. Only effective prevention and comprehensive treatment can realize safety

coal is a special industry. There are about 500000 people working in the coal mine every year. The working environment is not only difficult, but also dangerous. They are always faced with the threat of natural disasters such as gas, water, fire, rock burst and so on. Human life is precious. The core of safety production is to care and cherish life. To protect the safety of miners’ lives is to protect their greatest interests and basic rights. 1t is the inevitable requirement of people-oriented and ruling for the people, the inevitable requirement of scientific development and safe development, and the ardent expectation of every miner and his family. Coal mine workers are the key to realize coal mine safety production. The implementation of safety production policy, safety production measures and hidden danger investigation and treatment all need the specific implementation of coal mine workers. Therefore, only every miner put the safety production policy into his mind and heart, and put it into action, can we ensure the safety production of coal mine

Article 2 love our work, perform their duties, consciously abide by the rules and regulations

China is a big energy production and consumption country, coal is the main energy and important chemical raw materials in China, known as “industrial food”. At present, the proportion of coal in China’s total primary energy production and consumption is about 70%. Our province is an important coal producing province in China. From 2002 to 2012, a total of 2 billion tons of coal were mined in the province. The coal industry has made an important contribution to the rapid economic development of our province, and it is the traditional industry, advantage industry and pillar industry of our province. Since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, many advanced collectives and model figures have emerged in coal enterprises in our province, such as Bayi Coal mining team of Yimei group, college students’ coal mining class of No.6 Coal Mine of Pingdingshan Coal Shenma Group, and advanced individuals such as Ding Baiyuan, Zhang Wei, Bai Guozhou and Xie Yanxin. They are all models of dedication and outstanding contributions, 1t is also the pride of 500000 cadres and workers in Henan coal front. Post responsibility refers to the work content required by a post and the scope of responsibility. A coal enterprise, up to the chairman, general manager, Secretary of the Party committee, head of the mine, down to each employee, only clear division of labor, mutual cooperation, everyone to perform their duties, can ensure the normal operation of the enterprise

the particularity of coal mine underground operation determines that coal mine workers must consciously develop the good habit of abiding by the rules and regulations. 1n the process of fighting against nature for a long time, based on numerous experiences and lessons, people summed up the laws and regulations that coal enterprise employees need to abide by seriously, including “Mine Safety Law”, “coal mine safety regulations”, “50 experiences of coal mine gas control” and “coal mine water prevention and control regulations”, “operation regulations” and “operation regulations”, Only by consciously abiding by rules and regulations and operating in accordance with rules and regulations, can each employee ensure his own safety and mine safety production

Article 3 timely training and learning, ensure to work with certificates and master business skills

coal industry is a high-risk industry, and improving the overall quality of employees is the top priority for coal enterprises to achieve safe production. When working in coal mines, employees must participate in training and study, timely master the basic knowledge of the industry and the operation essentials, safety precautions, business and technical knowledge of the post, learn and master the laws and regulations related to safety production, so as to skillfully master safety production skills, take targeted measures when there are various types of safety hazards, prevent accidents, and realize safety production. Employees who adjust their posts or adopt new processes, technologies, equipment or materials shall receive job transfer training and update their knowledge. Employees without safety education and training are not allowed to work

the system of working with certificate is a post management system for professional and technical personnel. 1t is the most basic requirement for the political, business and skills of the employees. To carry out the work with certificate is to require the personnel to have the most basic work conditions. First, it can improve the quality of employees and strengthen the construction of professional and technical personnel. Second, improve and perfect the management system of professional and technical personnel and strengthen the management of human resources. The third is to unify the qualification conditions of employees’ qualification and make overall planning for the construction of professional talent team

skilled business skills are the premise and capital for a person to be able to do something well. Only by actively participating in skills training, constantly improving skills and mastering business skills, can every employee ensure safety production. This is an urgent requirement for the rapid and good development of enterprises, and also an effective way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Article 4 comply with the rules of entering the well, make good use of protective equipment, improve the level of occupational health

coal production is a high-risk industry fighting against nature, with complex environmental conditions, many unsafe factors and low safety factor. 1n order to ensure safety, in view of the particularity of coal production, the industry departments have formulated many regulations for entering the well. These Regulations are obtained from the blood, life and painful lessons of countless miners, and they are rigid regulations that every miner must abide by. For example, safety training must be conducted before entering the well, and special operation personnel shall be trained and qualified according to relevant national regulations and obtain operation qualification certificate; New underground workers must receive no less than 72 hours of safety education and training; Carefully check the labor protection articles, wear miner’s lamp, self rescuer and personnel positioning card. 1t is strictly forbidden to wear chemical fiber clothes, carry mobile phones, electronic watches, tobacco, ignition supplies, etc. into the well

coal mine production belongs to underground operation, with complex conditions and harsh environment. There are many factors endangering miners’ health, such as gas, dust, water and so on. Underground operators must wear cotton work clothes, dust masks, safety helmets, rubber boots and other labor protection articles; 1ts purpose is not only to protect the personal safety of workers, but also to protect the health of workers. Wearing personal protective equipment is an important measure to enhance the personal safety and health ability of employees

Article 5 the implementation of risk pre control, active investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, effectively eliminate the root causes of accidents

coal mine safety risk pre control management system is a set of modern scientific coal mine safety production management methods. Coal production process is complex, the working environment is bad, coal production is faced with a variety of risks, whether these risks can be identified and evaluated in advance, so as to carry out effective management and control, has a vital significance for coal mine safety production. Risk pre control is the process of taking measures to eliminate or control risks in advance on the basis of hazard identification and risk assessment

accident hidden danger refers to the unsafe behavior of people, unsafe state of objects and defects in management that can lead to accidents in the production system. 1t is the direct cause of safety accidents. Potential accidents are divided into general and major ones. Hidden danger investigation and treatment refers to the closed management process of finding hidden danger through regular safety inspection, professional (item) safety inspection and other forms, eliminating hidden danger and preventing accidents according to the “five fixed” principle (fixed personnel, time, responsibility, responsibility and plan)

at present, the common hidden danger investigation methods of coal enterprises mainly include routine inspection carried out by full-time safety supervision personnel, regular safety inspection and safety quality standardization inspection, special inspection carried out by various professional departments, such as coal mining, tunneling, electromechanical, transportation, one ventilation, three prevention, water prevention, blasting, occupational hazards, etc Self inspection and self correction activities carried out by the post. The main means of inspection is to carry out qualitative evaluation according to relevant standards, procedures, norms and regulations, so as to find hidden dangers and eliminate them in time, so as to realize safe production

Article 6 adhere to the post standard, improve the quality of work, create a safe working environment

post is the basic unit of enterprise safety management, and the implementation of post safety production responsibility system is the key to the realization of safety production in coal mining enterprises

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