Cold catalyzes “weavers”

“This Spring Festival is a bit cold”, this joke not only refers to the cold weather of this year’s Spring Festival, but also implies the current global “economic cold current”. However, in response to the “cold current” of the Spring Festival, Shanghai’s fashionable people also have a way to deal with it. They are quietly turning from the “blood sparring” who spent a lot of money to buy ready-made clothes in the past festivals and holidays to the “weavers” who do their own work and have plenty of food and clothing. “Little white collar” Wen Qian has been used to buying finished winter clothes for many years, but recently she has become a “housemaid” at home. Even many shopping malls offer discounts and coupons, she can’t move her heart. 1t turns out that she has not worn a hand knitted sweater for many years. Recently, she has come back to her old love and put on a “warm” sweater. Her change came from the little sisters around her. When her friends got together, some of them wore cute woollen caps and some wore elegant knitted wool French cloaks. When they asked, they were all the clever products of themselves or their elders. When she went online, Wen Qian found that there were many forums or blogs that young people set up spontaneously. From knitting patterns of sweaters, to teaching Crochet techniques, to wholesale of wool, there are also new knitting works displayed by netizens

Why do hand-made woolen fabrics regain their popularity after many years of being regarded as “old fashioned things” by most young people? There is no lack of the catalytic effect of economic cold current. Not long ago, Wenqian took a fancy to a hooded shawl with two chic pockets of a certain brand in a shopping mall. However, the price of this pure wool product is close to 500 yuan. However, this year, she failed to get a pay rise as scheduled and decided to give up buying it after considering it for half a day. But the mother on one side said that she could draw a gourd and weave it like this. The mother and daughter immediately went to the wool shop to choose colors and wool. 1n less than two weeks, the work was finished. Not only is the pattern the same as the original, but also a lace tassel is added to make the shawl more playful. Wen Qian calculated a sum of money. The price of brand products in the shopping mall is 500 yuan, even if they are discounted during the promotion period, they will cost two or three hundred yuan. 1t costs about 80 yuan to buy wool thread and only 1.2 Jin to weave a shawl. The total price is only about 100 yuan

the innovation of wool varieties is also an important factor to attract young people to return to the “knitter” team. 1n some large-scale wool wholesale markets, the reporter learned that the seemingly simple wool has turned out a variety of patterns, with acrylic fiber blended with wool, pure wool and even mink hair. There are also many new varieties, which can weave a variety of novel effects, attracting many young people to “taste”

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