Cold thinking behind the deflagration accident in Qingdao

Event replay: at 10:25 on November 22, 2013, crude oil leaked from the Donghuang oil pipeline of Sinopec pipeline storage and transportation branch in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone of Shandong Province into the municipal drainage culvert, where oil and gas accumulated and exploded in case of fire, causing 62 deaths and 136 injuries, with a direct economic loss of 751.72 million yuan. The report of the accident investigation team of the State Council was released in full on the website of the State Administration of work safety on the 11th, reducing the oil leakage to 8 hours after the explosion. According to the investigation, the mayor was informed by text message seven hours after the leak

after the explosion, the CPC Central Committee attached great importance to it, and the State Council set up an accident investigation group, which was composed of relevant persons in charge of the General Administration of work safety, the Ministry of supervision, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of environmental protection, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, the all China Federation of trade unions, the Shandong provincial government and its departments. 1t also set up a technical group, a management group and a comprehensive group, and invited the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to participate in the investigation, After careful investigation and evidence collection, the accident was identified as a safety responsibility accident. The explosion and leakage of oil pipeline had a bad social impact and caused great damage to people’s lives and property. We must conduct in-depth investigation to avoid the recurrence of similar scenes. The State Council has seriously dealt with the responsible persons involved, given disciplinary sanctions to 48 responsible persons respectively, and transferred 15 responsible persons suspected of committing crimes to judicial organs for legal responsibility according to law

according to the investigation, the cause of the explosion accident is that the oil pipeline is in disrepair for a long time, and the hidden danger of the accident has not been eliminated. 1n addition, the unreasonable layout of the oil pipeline and the urban sewer pipeline causes the oil pipeline to leak into the drainage official website, causing a large number of casualties. However, the two pipelines are close to the residential areas, and the relevant standards can not meet the requirements of safety production, 1mproper emergency treatment after the explosion was also an inducement for a large number of casualties. According to media reports, it took more than seven hours from the discovery of oil leakage at 3 am on the 22nd to the occurrence of deflagration at 10:30. What are the relevant departments doing at this time? 1f we can make full use of this period of time to report the relevant accident information in time, start the relevant safety accident handling plan, pull up the safety warning banner at the scene of the accident, and evacuate the nearby and passing personnel, we may avoid the occurrence of the accident, at least reduce the loss to the minimum. Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t reach the mayor until seven hours later

to restore this safety accident is to make clear the cause and effect of the accident, to make our alarm bell ring, and to wake up the paralyzed safety responsibility consciousness of some departments. There is no trivial matter for safety and no trivial matter for the interests of the masses. 1f we want to avoid such tragedies in the future and ensure the safety of the people’s lives, we must learn from the bitter experience, find out the cause, clarify the responsibility, and make sure that there is no trivial matter for safety and the interests of the masses Rectification and implementation. All over the country should take this as a lesson to carry out hidden danger investigation. 1n urban construction, it is necessary to conduct scientific demonstration, reasonably arrange urban facilities, and improve the awareness of enterprise safety responsibility. The government should establish emergency response plans for work safety accidents, establish relevant systems and mechanisms, dredge the channels of information “down and up”, and establish a reward and punishment system for work safety, 1t is necessary to clarify the relevant provisions of the law on the responsibility for work safety, seriously investigate the civil and criminal responsibilities of the relevant departments and responsible persons, intensify the crackdown on those who try to conceal or underreport the loss or injury, and unblock the information platform for accident investigation and handling, so as to ensure the people’s right to know

production safety is closely related to the interests of the masses. We must stick to the red line that development should not be at the expense of human lives. We pay attention to this incident to ensure that there is no similar time bomb around us. We study the cause of the incident deeply in order that the relevant departments can timely recognize the lack of safety and internalize production safety into consciousness and externalize it into action, The implementation of work safety accountability is to avoid similar incidents in the future, which may be the practical significance of our discussion on this topic

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