College students have new inventions, freshmen are expected to try sun proof military training clothes

the fabric is impregnated with special materials to achieve the effect of UV protection. Wuhan University of science and technology disclosed yesterday that Zeng Pengcheng, a fresh graduate of Wuhan University of science and technology, not only won the first prize of Hubei University Students’ science and technology achievement Challenge Cup, but also was favored by enterprises and offered a transfer fee of 300000 yuan

the company has signed contracts for the production of military training clothing for freshmen from universities in Hubei Province. This autumn, freshmen from universities in Hubei Province are expected to taste anti ultraviolet military training clothing to minimize the heat of military training under high temperature

Zeng Pengcheng, 22 years old, from Jingmen, Hubei Province, is a student of grade 05 in the school of textile and materials of Wuhan University of science and technology, and has signed a contract with Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd. 1n two days, he will go to work. However, in a slightly stuffy laboratory on the third floor of the college, he is still improving his technology – anti ultraviolet military training suit

“in fact, the development of anti ultraviolet military training clothes is related to one’s own military training experience.” Zeng Pengcheng said that when he entered the university four years ago, the sun was hot, the air permeability of military training clothes was poor, and many of his classmates suffered from heatstroke. “His major is just related to this. Can you study a kind of sunscreen military training clothes?” This became Zeng Pengcheng’s original idea. 1n 2006, he joined the student scientific research team organized by Professor Xiang Xinzhu. After the initial scientific research project was rejected by his tutor, Zeng Pengcheng began to search for anti ultraviolet products. His standards are: degradable materials, no pollution to nature, not like the current anti ultraviolet umbrella, with chemical coating, not easy to degrade; The process is not particularly complicated; Sun protection, UV protection and good air permeability

since 2007, Zeng Pengcheng has been looking for raw materials everywhere, and then mixing them in the laboratory, once, twice, three times… This process is very boring. He often stays alone for half a day, spends a lot of time on the formula, fails to pass the test, and is frustrated. 1n this way, he kept trying and failed. Zeng Pengcheng made a simple calculation. After more than two years, with the help of his teacher, he tried the formula at least a thousand times before he saw the dawn< Two weeks ago, on June 26, Zeng Pengcheng negotiated with Wuhan Fangyuan Jingwei Textile Clothing Co., Ltd. and signed a 300000 yuan technology transfer agreement. Tang Shiduo, general manager of Wuhan Fangyuan Jingwei Textile Clothing Co., Ltd., said in an interview that it is worthwhile to spend 300000 yuan to get this new technology to enhance the market competitiveness of the company's products in the case of financial crisis “from the drafting of the contract to the detailed design of the negotiation to the conclusion of the agreement, Zeng Pengcheng completed it by himself.” Xiang Xinzhu also praised this disciple. Although he graduated, Xiang Xinzhu still gave Zeng Pengcheng a key to his laboratory. “As long as he wants, he can come at any time.” Professor Xiang Xinzhu said that there are still many problems to be solved for a technology from laboratory to factory production

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