College students suffer from hematopathy when they are exposed to sewage without wearing protective clothing

at present, the relationship between the illness and the internship has not been determined

Li Weiqing, who is 1.8 meters tall, is sitting in front of the hospital bed, basking in the sun, and his eyes are blank. A year ago, he was a good basketball player. After two months of internship in a company, he suddenly suffered from severe aplastic anemia. Yuan Yu, the attending doctor, said that in addition to the body itself, methanol, benzene, mold and radiation may also be the causes of the disease. His family said that Li Weiqing had worked as an intern in Dongguan Dalingshan Yongyi water Co., Ltd. before, he had touched sewage with his hands when he had a wound. Some experts believe that the causes of the disease are diverse, and it is necessary to have exact evidence to draw a conclusion< Li Weiqing, 22, is a junior in Guangdong Vocational College of environmental protection engineering. 1n August last year, he was assigned to practice in Dongguan Dalingshan Yongyi water Co., Ltd. later, the company assigned him to practice in Changping Office. The main tasks of his internship were sewage sampling, cleaning ditch garbage, cleaning water and so on Clean up the sludge in the sewage pool Li Yanchang, Li Weiqing’s cousin, introduced that during the Mid Autumn Festival last year, Li Weiqing went home for the festival. She saw Li Weiqing’s feet were bruised and his face was inflamed, so she asked him what was the matter. Li Weiqing replied that his feet were bruised while playing basketball, and his face was inflamed by carelessness on the second day after the Mid Autumn Festival, Li Weiqing returned to work as usual for sewage sampling. 1n the evening, Li Weiqing suddenly had a fever. He thought it was a common cold. He kept working with the disease until his gum began to bleed a week after the fever, and then he went to the hospital for examination the blood test was carried out on October 1, and the test results came out on October 4. The family was shocked, and the doctor diagnosed him with severe aplastic anemia the treatment cost is at least one million yuan “his condition can be said to be very severe aplastic anemia.” On May 25, the reporter met Yuan Yu, Li Weiqing’s current doctor in charge in Houjie hospital. Yuan Yu said that on May 17, Li Weiqing, who was suddenly in critical condition, was sent to the 1CU of Houjie hospital for rescue for a few days and turned around from the gate of death he said that it is quite difficult to treat this disease. Besides the high cost, it is also difficult to find a matching bone marrow. At present, it is only possible to use immunosuppressant (ATG) and then bone marrow transplantation. However, each time immunosuppressant is used, it costs about 200000 yuan, which is based on the fact that bone marrow transplantation can be carried out under the condition of good use of immunosuppressant, and bone marrow transplantation also costs about 400000 yuan. “With follow-up care, the whole treatment process is conservatively estimated to be no less than 1 million yuan.” Li Weiqing’s family said that they have not started ATG yet, but they have spent more than 200000 yuan, and their lychee garden has been sold the reporter learned that Li Weiqing is a native of Houjie Xinwei new village. The economy of the village has been very poor. His father works as a driver in the factory, his brother works in the factory, his mother doesn’t work, and there are two old people at home did the enterprise take protective measures Yuan Yu believes that the possibility of severe aplastic anemia inheritance is very small, in addition to their own reasons, there may be contact with methanol, benzene, radiation, mold and other substances Li Weiqing said that there are only a few interns and old employees in Changping Office of Dalingshan Yongyi water affairs Co., Ltd. at ordinary times, the staff of the office do not have the habit of wearing protective clothing to work, and they often contact sewage and other substances directly with their hands. Li Weiqing’s family suspected that it was most likely that he was exposed to mold, methanol and other substances that caused body diseases at work. 1n those days, Li Weiqing just had a wound on his body, causing body diseases Yongyi company, where Li Weiqing worked as an intern, denied the query from Li Weiqing’s family. On May 27, when the reporter learned about the situation in the company, a staff member who claimed to be the person in charge of personnel said that the staff of their company, including interns, did a good job in safety education and protection before work the reporter then called a classmate who once practiced with Li Weiqing in the company’s Changping Office. The student said that there was safety education, but they did not wear protective clothing during the internship< On the morning of May 28, the reporter interviewed Liu Li, director of Hematology Department of Houjie hospital and part-time associate professor of Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College" 1n the past, we have encountered some workers in the bag factory or plastic factory who have been exposed to chemicals such as organic benzene for a long time and working in confined space, resulting in aplastic anemia and leukemia. " But Liu Li believes that although Li Weiqing has been in contact with sewage, it is difficult to identify whether it is the cause of the disease at present, Li Weiqing’s family is running around, hoping to get donations from well intentioned people for treatment. At the same time, they hope to get an application for medical technology identification to find the cause of the disease 1f a kind-hearted person is willing to help this family, you can contact Li Yanchang at 13556671702 this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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