Common computers can also wear protective glasses

People’s daily work is inseparable from electronic equipment. With the development of mobile 1nternet, mobile phones and computers are becoming indispensable in people’s life. However, the frequent use of electronic products will cause various eye problems over time. How to choose a suitable protective glasses, Here are some tips for you:

source of damage

the main damage of computer and mobile phone screens comes from the long-term light damage of blue light and ultraviolet light on the screen to the eyes, especially the fundus. Therefore, it is suggested to protect the eyes in front of the computer from these two aspects

in addition, the continuous screen jitter of the computer screen also affects the focusing frequency of the glasses, and the repeated focusing caused by this jitter will also aggravate the fatigue of the eyes. According to NHK of Japan, a survey shows that the blue light emitted by LCD screens such as computers and smartphones may cause eye fatigue, disturb sleep rhythm and affect health. 1n computers, smart phones, tablet terminals and other LCD screens, most of them emit blue light. More and more people use these devices for a long time. Doctors are worried about the possible impact on health

a Japanese researcher specializing in this kind of blue light will think that because the blue light is the shortest wavelength and very strong energy light that can be seen by the eyes, compared with other colors of light, it causes a great burden on the eyes, and long-term viewing may induce retinal inflammation. 1n addition, if you are exposed to blue light at night, you may disturb the sleep rhythm. Other studies have also shown that blue light is one of the potential causes of fundus disease age-related macular degeneration” “We think that blue light will not only fatigue the eyes, but also affect the rhythm of the human body, so we will conduct in-depth research on the eyes and the body in the future,” said 1chio Hirata, President of the blue light Research Association and professor of ophthalmology in the medical department of Keio University

effective ways to protect your eyes before the computer

1. Have regular rest and avoid using your eyes for a long time: every hour, leave your eyes away from the computer and relax to relieve eye fatigue

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