Common operation hazards and labor protection in production industry

There are tens of thousands of enterprises in each place, which can be roughly divided into different industries, such as mining, manufacturing, construction, transportation, commerce, service and so on. Different enterprises have different situations in raw materials, production technology, products and specific operation and management, and the risks and types of vulnerable in the production process are also different. Every worker should understand the production characteristics of his own enterprise and the dangerous parts in the production process, and abide by the enterprise’s rules and regulations and operating procedures, Master the basic knowledge of labor protection equipment to avoid injury in the process of work< 1. Machinery and hardware processing industry mechanical processing industry mainly produces mechanical products and spare parts through forging and cutting of metal blanks. The main production equipment includes lathe, milling machine, planer, grinder, drilling machine, punch machine and some lifting equipment. The work intensity is high and the noise is high. There are still high temperature in a few posts, which are prone to scald and other injuries Extrusion, rolling, involvement and other mechanical injury accidents

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