Common sense of choosing outdoor gloves

According to the introduction of medical data, 2 / 3 of sweat glands in the human body are distributed in the palm, which shows that the hand is the most easily sweating part of the human body. 1n outdoor sports, activities such as forest crossing, field climbing and skiing all need to hold the climbing stick, climbing from forest, rock and sliding snow stick by hand. 1n this way, a lot of sweat will be produced on the hand, which will make the palm very wet and slippery, and reduce the holding ability of the palm. 1n this way, the safety of outdoor activities will be directly affected

How can 1 choose a pair of outdoor gloves? The main points can be referred to as follows:

1. A good outdoor glove fabric is of course made of waterproof and breathable material, which has the functions of waterproof and moisture permeability, and can always keep the inside and outside of the glove dry. The inner fleece material should also have very good softness, permeability and warmth retention, and be treated with anti pilling. Of course, the fabric should also have very good tear resistance

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