common sense of using safety protection articles for work at height

The proportion of falling from height and object strike accidents is the largest. Many accident cases show that casualties can be avoided due to the correct wearing of safety helmet, safety belt or the erection of safety net according to regulations. Facts have proved that safety helmet, safety belt and safety net are important measures to reduce and prevent accidents such as falling from height and striking by objects, which are often called “three treasures”. The operators must correctly use the safety helmet, adjust the hat hoop and fasten the hat belt; Use the safety belt correctly, hang it high and use it low

safety helmet is a kind of hat which can protect human head from external force (such as object strike). Attention should be paid when using: 1. select the safety helmet which has passed the inspection of relevant departments and has “safety warning” sign on it2. Before wearing the hat, check whether the shell is damaged, whether there is qualified hat lining, and whether the hat strap is complete. 1f it does not meet the requirements, replace it immediately. 3. Adjust the hat hoop and lining, and fasten the hat belt

safety belt safety belt is a kind of protective equipment for workers working at height to prevent falling casualties. Attention should be paid when using: 1. select the safety belt that has passed the inspection of relevant departments, and ensure that it is within the period of validity2. 1t is strictly forbidden to knot and connect the safety belt. 3. 1n use, it should be reliably hung in a firm place, hung high and used low, and it should prevent swing, avoid open fire and cutting. 4. The safety belt must be used in the suspended operation above 2m. 5. Where it is impossible to directly hang the safety belt, the safety rope and safety railings for hanging the safety belt shall be set

safety net safety net is a kind of net used to prevent people and objects from falling, or to avoid and reduce falling and object strike injury. Attention should be paid when using: 1. safety net with certificate should be selected2. 1f the safety net is damaged or aged, it should be replaced in time. 3. The connection between safety net and frame should not be too tight

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