Comparison of different types of protective clothing

Protective clothing is the general name of body protective clothing, which can protect the human body from physical, chemical, biological and other external factors. There are many kinds of protective clothing classification, in the selection process must first understand the respective use of the environment

chemical protective clothing: also known as chemical protective clothing, chemical protective clothing can be divided into acid resistant clothing and alkali resistant clothing, which are widely used in chemical plants and other fields

permeable protective clothing: the protection grade is lower than A-class protective clothing, which can generally resist liquid, dust and other toxic and harmful chemicals, but cannot protect gaseous toxic substances. Breathable chemical protective clothing is a kind of work clothes with the functions of ventilation and heat dissipation

enclosed chemical suit: also known as fully enclosed chemical suit, it can be isolated from the external environment and has the function of chemical protection. This type of protective clothing must be used with air respirator or long tube respirator

thermal protective clothing: also known as heat protective clothing, it can protect human body from high temperature, high heat and high humidity. Heat insulation clothing is most commonly used in steel-making, glass and fire protection fields. 1t can be used with cooling vest to reduce the temperature of human body

working wear (overalls): chemical protective clothing worn by various industries to prevent common injuries and dirt

radiation protective coverall: work clothes with anti radiation performance. They are generally used with gas masks, etc

insulated cold wear: it is a kind of work clothes with heat preservation performance, which is generally used in cold storage or outdoor low temperature environment, including ordinary cold clothing and industrial cold clothing

anti static clothing: it is a kind of anti-static clothing that can eliminate the harm of static electricity accumulation in time

clean clothing: used in ultra clean places, it can prevent the accumulation of static electricity, block the exposure of body debris, wear-resistant work clothes

flame retardant protective clothing: it can prevent itself from being ignited, flaming and smoldering after contacting with flame and hot objects

through the above brief introduction, we should have a more comprehensive understanding of the classification of protective clothing. According to the above classification, we can correctly choose the protective clothing suitable for us

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