Comparison of various types of gas masks

Generally, gas masks can be divided into two types: self-priming filter type and isolated type

isolation type gas mask

now 1 will introduce isolation type gas mask first. The key of isolation type gas mask is isolation, which is to isolate the respiratory organs from the outside air. Therefore, it is not affected by the two factors of whether the external oxygen content is sufficient or not and the toxic substance composition

what can be used

the isolated gas mask is more suitable for use in the closed environment with insufficient oxygen content and uncertain toxic gas. Compared with the self-priming gas mask, the price of this kind of gas mask is higher. There are three types of isolated anti-virus surface: self-priming long tube respirator, electric air supply long tube respirator and air respirator, and the price is also increasing

how to choose

if the air source is close to the operation location, such as tank car, sewer, painting and other operations, long pipe respirator can be selected; The electric air supply long pipe respirator uses the motor to send clean air source to the respirator mask. 1t is suitable for a variety of dust operations, various kinds of particles (dust, fog, smoke, etc.) and places that do not exceed the standard odor. 1t is not suitable for anoxic operation environment (the air environment with oxygen content less than 18% is anoxic environment), 1DLH concentration (the concentration that immediately threatens life and health) Workplaces that may cause explosion; The air supply source of the air respirator is compressed directly and stored in the gas cylinder, which is convenient for the user to carry. However, the capacity of the gas cylinder is limited, so it is necessary to leave the working environment to replace the gas cylinder before the gas source is used up. Air breathing apparatus is widely used in fire, chemical, shipping, petroleum, smelting, warehouse, laboratory, mining and other departments

self priming and filtering gas mask

self priming and filtering gas mask is composed of mask body and gas filter. 1t is to use the breathing pressure of the human body to filter the external toxic substances through the filter box of the gas mask, so as to breathe clean oxygen. 1t can be used in the working environment with sufficient oxygen content, the filter box can filter the toxic gas, and the temperature is not higher than 65 ℃. This kind of gas mask is easy to carry and affordable

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