Comparison of welding mask protective products

1n the selection of welding protective equipment, it is necessary to understand that the concentration of hazardous substances in welding operation is closely related to the ventilation conditions of the workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the safety protection articles suitable for the working environment. The following will make a simple product comparison of welding mask protection products:

hand held welding mask

eye protection: you need to cover your eyes at the moment of arcing. 1f you can’t keep up with the action, it is easy to cause eyes to be burned by harmful light

work efficiency: mechanical action is needed to cover eyes and remove goggles to detect the completion

welding quality: in order to give consideration to eye protection, the welding quality is affected

head mounted welding mask

eye protection: when welding with both hands, the welding cap should be shaken down by neck force at the moment of welding, which is easy to cause eye injury if the action is not enough. Long term work like this can cause neck disease

work efficiency: at the end of each welding, the mask must be turned up to check the completion of the weld

welding quality: in order to give consideration to eye protection, the welding quality is affected

automatic dimming welding mask

eye protection: the probe automatically senses arc light, and the LCD dimming screen quickly turns black, safe and reliable, without causing damage to glasses

work efficiency: there is no need to repeat the shielding action before each arcing, and the completion rate increases in the same working time

welding quality: hands are completely liberated, and precise welding can be achieved

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