Composition of safety belt

The safety belt refers to the safety belt which is suitable for working at height such as enclosing pole, hanging and climbing, but not for fire fighting and lifting objects

safety belt: protective equipment for workers working at height to prevent falling casualties. 1t is composed of belt, rope and metal accessories, which is generally called safety belt

safety rope: the rope on the safety belt to protect human body from falling

lifting rope: the rope used for self-locking hook should be hung in advance. Vertical, horizontal and inclined. The self-locking hook can move freely on the rope, and can adapt to different operation points

self locking hook: the hook with self-locking device can immediately block the lifting rope to prevent falling when the human body falls

buffer: when the human body falls, it can reduce the force on the human body and absorb part of the impact energy

climbing hook: it is a kind of hook used to protect the operators during climbing

pole belt: the belt used by electrician, telecommunication, garden and other types of work when working on poles

pole rope: it is used for telecommunication, garden, electrician and other types of work

speed difference automatic controller: a box with a certain length of rope. During operation, the rope can be pulled out at will for use, and the automatic control is caused by the change of speed when falling, which is called speed difference automatic control device

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