Comprehensive inspection of construction in Dezhou

1n order to comprehensively improve the safety production management level of enterprises and further promote the smooth implementation of the “blue sky project”, from May 6 to May 20, our city organized and carried out the comprehensive inspection activities of construction safety production and dust control. A total of 142 projects under construction were inspected, of which 63 were municipal demonstration sites, accounting for 44.36%; There were 25 municipal excellent construction sites, accounting for 17.61%; 47 qualified construction sites, accounting for 33.10%; There were 7 unqualified construction sites, accounting for 4.93%. 75 construction units and 30 supervision units were involved in the inspection, and 126 hidden danger rectification notices were issued

in this inspection activity, the construction in progress projects in the central urban area were checked by the pull net method, and the construction in progress projects in the other 10 counties and cities were randomly selected. The inspection contents include construction fire prevention, personnel working with certificates, lifting machinery, safety supervision, dust control and migrant workers’ wage payment. Around the activities of “implementation year of safety production responsibility” and other activities, the industry competent departments of all counties and urban areas and all parties involved in construction safety production have fully implemented the safety production responsibility, seriously paid attention to the dust control work, continuously strengthened the construction site safety management mechanism, and steadily improved the overall level of safety management and civilized construction on the construction site

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