Comprehensive use of anti haze mask to keep children away from respiratory diseases

1n the late spring and early summer, a small number of areas are still affected by haze, and the number of children suffering from respiratory diseases has increased. Masks are also popular, the reporter learned from the county people’s Hospital, as of 3 pm yesterday, the hospital Pediatrics treated more than 80 sick children, including respiratory diseases accounted for more than 80%

the number of children’s respiratory diseases is increasing. 1t is recommended to use anti haze masks rationally

yesterday afternoon, in the pediatric outpatient department of the people’s Hospital, cough, wheezing and sneezing came one after another” Early in the morning, it was foggy outside. As soon as the child went out, he coughed and sniveled and refused to go to kindergarten. To the hospital inspection, it is really the air quality problem, caused by respiratory tract infection Ms. Zhang, who lives in the eastern suburb of the county, came to see a doctor with her 4-year-old daughter. The reporter learned that recently, the number of pediatric outpatients in the county people’s hospital was about 50 person times, and Ding Haiyan, director of Pediatrics in the hospital, was busy asking questions and almost had no time to be interviewed

according to the survey, the outpatient volume of the people’s hospital increased by about 25% than usual” 1n addition to seasonal factors, pediatric full and recent air conditions also have a certain relationship A pediatrician told reporters that in order to better prevent children’s respiratory tract infection, it is recommended to reasonably use anti haze masks to effectively prevent the invasion of pathogens such as PM2.5 fine dust particles. However, there are many brands of masks in the market, and few can really prevent haze. Some parents are inexperienced and give their children a mixed brand mask or disposable mask, which can not prevent haze. Doctors suggest that when parents choose masks for their children, they must buy some professional children’s anti haze masks< 1t is reported that Mengchong mask is a professional anti haze mask specially designed by Honeywell for children, which is produced in strict accordance with the national standard of respiratory protection products gb2626-2006, with good protection effect. High quality three-layer filter material (no gauze, meltblown cloth, non-woven cloth) can effectively filter non oily particles in the air ≥ 95%, effectively block dust, bacteria and other fine particles, and bring professional anti haze protection for children. Mengpet masks are not only strictly controlled in quality, but also carefully designed in comfort. According to the 3D ergonomic design, it fits the face, has strong tightness, and reduces the entry of particles; Smiling face design "H" lock can keep the mask from deformation and collapse; The built-in sponge nose pad not only increases the wearing comfort, but also strengthens the tightness of the mask, which is more suitable for children; The color claw breathing valve is novel in shape, which can effectively discharge moisture and heat during breathing, reduce breathing resistance and improve comfort. Mengchong mask also integrates the elements of cute interest. Four different cartoon animal images are available for consumers to choose. They are lifelike and deeply favored by consumers< 1t is understood that children are particularly sensitive to air quality. Once inhaling particulate matter, it is easy to have upper respiratory tract infection, causing cough and asthma. Doctors advise children to take more precautions in haze days, and try to reduce opening windows to avoid haze entering the room. People with poor resistance, such as the elderly, children, patients and pregnant women, often stay indoors. When going out, they must wear professional anti haze masks. After entering the room again, they should do a good job in cleaning up, such as washing face, gargling mouth, cleaning nose, etc

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