Confession of safety card

Hello everyone, my name is “safety card”. Rectangular body, plastic material, ultra-thin figure, let a person feel small and exquisite, and steady and have texture. There are four big words “no switching on” written on the body, which clearly tell the masters what 1 use. My brothers and sisters are all over the workshop, accompanying every worker in the workshop all the time, providing them with reliable safety protection

1 also have a partner, his name is “safety lock”, he can lock the local start switch of the device. His advantage is that his character is more “a muscle”, only his master can open him. 1f the worker master can use both of us during equipment maintenance, it will bring great security to the worker master’s work and eliminate potential safety hazards

if we are in trouble and forget to use both of us during equipment maintenance, the consequences will be unimaginable. 1magine a worker climbing a conveyor belt or getting into a roller when he is checking the equipment, but before that, he didn’t hang me on the local switch or lock my partner on the local switch. At this time, the master of the production line is preparing to start production. We all know what will happen

you know the importance of us, “life card” and “life lock” are our best interpretation. Masters, please don’t forget us when we are maintaining and repairing

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