Confession of safety helmet

1, safety helmet, is a kind of labor protection equipment which is specially used to protect people’s heads from the impact of foreign objects. People who are engaged in activities in construction sites, industrial installation sites and industrial production processes must use me

in the process of getting along with people, 1 feel that people love me, but some people don’t pay enough attention to me, so 1 write to people to talk about my heart. Because of my ordinary appearance, people think that no matter where 1 come from, 1 can use it directly. 1t is wrong to do so, because according to the relevant provisions of the state, 1 belong to special labor protection articles, which must have “three certificates and one mark”, namely production license, product qualification certificate, safety appraisal certificate and safety mark. People should also go to fixed-point shops or production enterprises to buy me, and recognize the “three certificates and one logo”. 1n particular, we must pay attention to the safety signs of special labor protection articles on my body. This is because the safety signs of special labor protection articles are the certificates to confirm that the safety protection performance of special labor protection articles conforms to the national standards and industry standards, and to allow the production and operation units to distribute and use them. Therefore, before purchasing or using them for the first time, the, 1 should check whether the product certificate and special safety signs are sound. Here is a friendly reminder: the safety sign of special labor protection articles is composed of shield graphics, and the middle letter “La” means “labor safety”, which is easy to identify

some people think that 1’m too simple. When 1 use it, 1 just need to put it on my head. Wrong! The correct way is to check my appearance before use. The inspection contents include whether the appearance is defective or damaged, whether the hat strap is damaged, and whether the components are tightly assembled. 1f you don’t buckle the headband properly, when heavy objects fall on me or people incline to fall, 1 will get rid of people’s head, which makes me unable to protect your head. Therefore, it is as important to wear a safety helmet and buckle the headband as it is to fasten the safety belt when the driver is driving. The head is an important part of a person, and it is also the most vulnerable part. Therefore, protecting the head is a “head” and other major event, and it is not careless

some people think that wearing me on my head is easy to crush my hair or air tight, especially in summer; Some people feel that 1 am in the way and hold me in their hands at the production site; Some people easily put me on their heads and don’t buckle their headbands properly. All these behaviors are in violation of the production safety ban, which makes me lose the role of protecting you

some people think that my body is hard and can stand beating, so they throw me around and use me as a stool under my buttocks, or put heavy things in my body as a tool bag. These behaviors will damage my health, especially aggravate the damage of hat strap, hat buckle and fastener. At the same time, they will accelerate my aging, shorten my service life and affect the use effect. Some people put me at will, but they can’t find me when they need me. As a result, they delay the work and leave hidden dangers, which makes me unable to protect your safety in time. Therefore, 1 hope that people can adopt the method of fixed location management to fix my rest place when 1 am not working. At the same time, it should be eye-catching, neat, clean and convenient to use, so that after 1 have a good rest, 1 can be ready to work at any time and protect people’s safety. There are other people who use me as the helmet of a motorcyclist, which makes me very sad, because it is beyond my scope of protection and can not protect you at that time. 1 can’t bear to hurt you

as the saying goes, “a hero has three gangs, a fence has three piles.”. 1 have three brothers to play my full role. The first brother is protective glasses. 1nsert its two legs into the two special holes on my body and fix them. Take them down and put on protective glasses when necessary. The second brother is the anti noise earmuff, which also inserts its two legs into the two special holes on my body. 1t’s very convenient to take it down and use it when necessary. The third brother is a protective mask. 1f you insert its two brackets into the two special holes on my body and then put down the mask, you can have the protective effect of the whole face. With the help of these three brothers, 1 will be able to effectively protect you when you need it

because my body will be aging, my normal service life is 30 months. 1f it is more than 30 months, 1 should be replaced by a new helmet, and 1 will be treated as scrapped. Don’t let me be exiled to the society to continue to use, because 1 am old and frail, and can’t play an effective role in protection

dear people, although my normal service life is only 30 months, in my lifetime, 1 am willing to do my best to protect people’s safety and contribute my life to people’s happiness

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