Construction doesn’t warn young people to die of motorcycle collision with cement block

in the accident, the motorcycle fell in the rubble

at about 3 a.m. on January 19, a 20-year-old boy died on the construction site of Dongkeng bridge on lianjiang Lianhuang line when a motorcycle carrying two people overturned

according to the family members of the dead, the construction party not only did not set up obvious warning signs, but also used broken cement blocks as barriers, which caused the boy’s head to hit the cement blocks and died. The family members believed that Lianjiang county road and port engineering development company, the owner of the project, should bear the responsibility. At present, the police are still investigating the incident

a 20-year-old boy died in a motorcycle accident

it is understood that the dead Xiaolin was a resident of Anhai village, Ankai Township, Lianjiang

yesterday, the family of the deceased said that on the evening of the 18th, Xiao Lin and several companions went out to play. 1n the early morning, they made an appointment to go to Huangqi several kilometers away. Kobayashi and his three companions rode two motorcycles in two groups. At about 3 a.m., the accident happened

family members said that according to Xiao Lin’s companion, when the accident happened, the motorcycle hit the cement block in the road and overturned. Xiao Lin hit the cement block in the road at the back of his brain, bleeding a lot on the spot and was sent to Huangqi health center for treatment. At more than 5 a.m. that day, the family members received a phone call and rushed to the health center immediately. Because of the serious injury, Xiaolin was transferred to Lianjiang county for treatment. But on the way, Kobayashi had no breath. The cause of death was identified as severe brain injury

family members of the deceased: the construction party should bear the responsibility

family members said that they also went to Dongkeng bridge afterwards and found that half of the road in the place where the accident happened was closed and half of the road was passable. They saw that several cone-shaped cylinders were placed at intervals around the whole construction area, but cement blocks were scattered between cone-shaped cylinders and in the site. These cement blocks are the size of football. The whole construction enclosure is only provided with a construction board at one end

the family members learned that before the incident, the construction party was excavating and re filling the cracks of the bridge, and these cement blocks were excavated and not cleaned up in time. For this reason, the family members believe that the construction party needs to take great responsibility for Xiaolin’s death. The reasons are: the cement block is the direct cause of the motorcycle overturning and Xiaolin’s death; 1n the absence of street lights, there are no obvious warning signs on the construction site

the family members said that they did not find the construction party, but learned that the owner of the bridge was Lianjiang county road and port engineering development company, a subordinate unit of Lianjiang county highway bureau

lianjiang police: there was alcohol in the blood of the deceased

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Lianjiang county highway bureau. The person in charge of the Bureau’s office said that at present, the whole incident is still under investigation by the police, and their handling of the incident is subject to the police’s final determination of the accident

in this regard, Lianjiang police said that after the incident, they intervened in the investigation immediately, and the relevant inspection materials of the dead have been sent to Fuzhou, but the results have not been sent to lianjiang. Specific circumstances, they can not disclose, but preliminary investigation found that the deceased’s blood contains alcohol

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