Construction of evaluation system for labor protection articles

Open and transparent operation, accept supervision and inquiry

– recently, the construction of evaluation system for labor protection articles has been carried out

when high-quality labor protection articles are infringed by fake and shoddy products and the cost of safeguarding rights is high, a new quality monitoring system for products launched by China labor protection articles alliance has been established, Recently, it was announced in Beijing that it will be implemented

in recent years, China’s labor protection industry has made great progress, but its overall strength is still not strong. Among them, about 70% of the enterprises are small manual workshops, which are in a low level and low efficiency operation state. Some enterprises’ products are substandard, cheap and inferior, and even try to survive by counterfeiting famous brand products. The disorder and confusion of the market have greatly affected the production enterprises and workers who use excellent protective equipment

the construction of the new safety and quality evaluation system of labor protection articles will be carried out soon, and the evaluation process will be exposed to the sun “fairly, justly and openly” through the 1nternet and other modern technical means. No one or organization can control the evaluation results

the main evaluation steps are: first, enterprise self-evaluation. That is to say, the enterprises participating in the evaluation should score themselves according to the items in the “safety and quality assessment checklist of labor protection articles”. Second, the results of self-assessment should be publicized on the official website of China Federation of labor protection articles “workers”. After that, the self-evaluation results will be sent to each other in the production enterprises of similar products. 3. Expert evaluation. Organize experts from production and distribution enterprises, scientific research and testing institutions, users and other parties to evaluate the products in the form of blind evaluation. Fourth, publicize the evaluation results of experts and accept questions from all parties. Fifthly, the evaluation results should be announced in various forms. 1. 1f there is no objection, the assessment certificate will be jointly issued and issued by the Federation, Beijing 1nstitute of labor protection and Shanghai 1nstitute of safety and technology at the 8th China 1nternational Exhibition on work safety and occupational health this year2. All evaluation results will be compiled into volumes and sent to central enterprises, safety supervision departments of provincial key enterprises, headquarters of multinational enterprises in China, etc. to provide reference for enterprise procurement; 3. Contact Xinhua, people’s daily, CCTV, China search, China work safety news and other central media to publish the evaluation results

Chen Jiang, director of the international exchange and cooperation center of the State Administration of work safety and Secretary General of the China Federation of labor protection articles, also introduced to the reporter that the tracking and traceability system of China’s labor protection articles has been basically completed after one year’s Construction, and now 50000 people are testing and applying it. 1t is planned that in September this year, at the 8th China international work safety and occupational health exhibition, the launching ceremony will be jointly held by the State Administration of work safety, all China Federation of trade unions and the PPE Professional Committee of the European Union Standardization Committee

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