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“The Department of housing and urban rural development of Hunan Province organized the Fifth Engineering Bureau of China Construction and other units to carry out field research, subject research and technical research, and formed the application results with the design of intelligent safety helmet system as the main content. Facing the new situation of economic new normal, scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the safety management level of the industry and ensure the life safety of construction personnel, We have made beneficial explorations and attempts. “


field research and safety management status

contents of the research

the research group has conducted research on the sub building project of China Construction Building, jinmaowan project and Metro Line 5 project of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau; Xiangfu land restoration project of Hunan Dongfanghong construction group; Hunan Jiansan company’s Huanghua Airport cargo terminal project, launched a field survey

the investigation focuses on six types of hazard sources, including safe electricity use, foundation pit and high slope, aerial work, mechanical equipment, edge openings, scaffolding and formwork< 1n view of the effect of safety management, it is proposed that: 360 omni-directional alarm is required for tower crane, safe electricity and other hazards; Linear alarm is needed for foundation pit and side portal; Accurate regional positioning is needed; The background can query the relevant records; Realize the function of real name access control for labor service; The alarm needs to be accurate to reduce false alarms< 1n general, the safety management situation of the industry is not optimistic from the perspective of the construction site, the risk of key parts of the site is very prominent, such as high falling near the edge and entrance, and object strike accidents occur from time to time. According to the analysis of safety production situation of Hunan housing construction system in 2016, the death toll of such accidents has accounted for more than 60% from the perspective of operation level, it is characterized by high mobility, uneven quality, difficult coverage of safety education, weak risk awareness and prominent contradiction of salary from the perspective of the regulatory level, most enterprises and regulatory departments only rely on the traditional methods of manual spot check, data review, report inspection, as well as warning signs on the dangerous parts of the project to implement supervision, which can not meet the needs of the existing safety management< 1n recent years, the real name system of labor service has been widely used in various projects due to the closed management of the construction site, the gate of the construction site is the important and only gateway for personnel access management. 1n the past, the gate was set with access control, and the workers wore magnetic cards and other devices to identify the personnel’s identity and achieve attendance. The system generated monthly statistical reports according to the daily attendance records to solve the problem of migrant workers’ salary, At the same time, the labor real name system is used to realize the basic functions of pre job safety training for migrant workers however, due to the previous magnetic card device, the data reading speed is slow, the response is not sensitive, and the management is difficult, easy to lose, so the card swiping rate is not high in the actual use process. The implementation of the real name system of labor service has become a decoration in many projects, and its function is limited, so it can not be applied to the site safety reminder with the deepening of safety education, the wearing of safety helmet is a necessary condition to enter the construction site. The safety helmet can not only give the safety function of protecting the head, but also combine with information technology to realize the intelligent function, so as to realize the personal safety, safety education disclosure, attendance and salary payment, work situation, work safety management, etc Personal information and automatic warning of dangerous parts become really possible 03 – intelligent safety helmet cloud platform design plan . Platform positioning platform is located in intelligent security cloud platform, to meet the government and enterprise safety supervision and safety application services for the project, through the advanced 1nternet of things and 1nternet plus technology, to achieve the supervision effect of items linked to each item, and the linkage of characters. Real time dynamic grasp the security of the project the main function is automatic warning and prompt based on project security, supplemented by basic functions of enterprise application; 1t can not only meet the requirements of automatic alarm and prompt of site hazards, but also meet the real-time query and supervision of enterprises and regulatory departments the software and hardware system the hardware is mainly composed of four parts, which are equipped with intelligent safety helmet, “jian’anbao”, project safety alarm system and intelligent safety remote monitoring system. The software mainly includes intelligent security remote monitoring system (commonly known as cloud), project security alarm system and mobile phone platform principle when the smart helmet enters the “jian’anbao” area, the “jian’anbao” will give an audible and visual alarm in real time, transmit the data to the local computer database of the project, and then the local computer of the management will upload it to the cloud server through the breakpoint (as shown in the figure below)< The first is the advanced 1nternet of things technology. The smart hat and jian'anbao integrate the advance2.4G Bluetooth technology, sensor technology and RF1D radio frequency technology. Through these technologies, we can feel the sound and light, the movement of objects, the delineation of areas, and the wireless transmission of data the second is embedded technology. Smart cap and jian’anbao both adopt intelligent microchip and embedded intelligent security system. Through intelligent identification and transmission algorithm, they realize the functions of dangerous object identification, personnel movement positioning, sound alarm, data cache and no network transmission the third is big data technology. The platform will involve massive data. Each smart hat and jian’anbao are data producers, and they will send data to the cloud through themselves or project terminals every moment. The cloud uses distributed storage technology to store these massive data in various storage nodes, and cloud services use Hadoop Spark and other advanced distributed computing frameworks analyze and process the data, and notify each intelligent terminal of the existing security risks in real time through the real-time voice publishing system. At the same time, combined with the personnel movement route, the movement track of each person is calculated in real time, and displayed in front of each monitoring personnel through PC and mobile app the fourth is advanced software architecture and component technology. 1n order to adapt to various security models of terminals in the future and connect with terminals from different manufacturers, the platform adopts advanced open protocol mode. All terminals conforming to the protocol can be seamlessly connected, and provide open AP1 to allow docking with other platforms< First, relying on "access control" to achieve labor attendance management. 1n the project, the personnel identity information is divided into two kinds of input system, which is associated with the smart helmet chip. When the operators enter and leave the construction site, the system automatically scans the safety helmet they wear and identifies them before entering and leaving the construction site; 1n order to achieve the purpose of attendance, we can also grasp the number of people on site in real time the second is to rely on “jian’anbao” to realize safety voice warning. When the operator is close to the risk area, “Jian’an Bao” will automatically sense the signal source from the safety helmet chip, send out sound and light warning, and give risk warning the third is to rely on the “safety helmet” to implement the on-site staff track management. Log in to the local or cloud system, you can query the movement track of the operator in a certain period of time, and also count the number of operators in a certain type of work in a certain area, so as to facilitate the management of operators Fourth, relying on the “intelligent platform” to achieve full coverage of safety education. At the entrance and exit of the safety education place, the induction receiver is set to automatically record the information of the educated personnel through induction, and record the education content in time, so as to achieve the purpose of full coverage of education fifthly, relying on the “1nternet” to achieve remote management supervision. Build the cloud platform of the smart helmet system, upload the project management data in time, and query the required information at all levels through the hierarchical authorization of the cloud platform (regulatory department, enterprise, project department) 04 – case pilot application of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau the project is located in meixihu District, Xiangjiang New District, Changsha City. 1t consists of four 46 storey residential buildings. The maximum height of the main building is 139.9m, with a total construction area of 148000 square meters the project is a typical super high-rise group building, with large construction working face, many operators, many dangerous sources such as edge openings and falling objects, which makes safety management difficult. Therefore, it is imperative to innovate safety management Application Summary the pilot project is to install “jian’anbao” in the top floor of passenger and freight elevator, masonry construction operation floor, bottom floor of climbing frame, structural construction operation floor and falling radius around the building respectively. After two months of application, good results have been achieved feedback from management personnel of construction enterprises: convenient for management of personnel entering and leaving the site; 1t is conducive to real name management, and no smart helmet is allowed to enter the construction site; Linkage with safety education, full coverage of disclosure education; Through the cloud platform to understand the comprehensive evaluation of team level operators in advance, the accidents caused by team and personal problems can be avoided before entering the site; Real time display of salary payment, to avoid malicious salary, enterprises and regulatory departments to master the implementation of the project feedback from on-site labor workers: they can only enter the door after safety education, and can let themselves know the on-site safety operation procedures and project safety management regulations, so as to avoid accidents; 1n the process of edge operation, it can always remind yourself to pay attention to safety, and improve their safety awareness the existing problems are as follows: first, it is difficult to guarantee the 1nternet on the construction site, and sometimes the network is disconnected, which leads to the failure of remote real-time monitoring Second, the application management model still needs to be optimized. What data is most needed for remote supervision and how to manage it thirdly, the system performance needs to be further optimized, and the interface needs to be designed< Fourthly, the integrated network communication mode of jian'anbao needs to be further optimized 05 – the next step is to deepen the application and function expansion – deepen the application first, expand the pilot scope and improve the system functions. The second is to improve the application coverage of field personnel and achieve real-time management. The third is to improve app development and ease of use function expansion one is to add “system management” function to realize multi-party cooperation. The second is to increase the “data warehouse” function, realize the management of construction site, personnel and related parties, and use big data to improve the service function. Third, add the function of “integrated application” to realize the integration with other systems and create a smart construction site

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