construction safety helmet printed with two-dimensional code mobile “1D card” becomes a new scene of the construction site

“Which team are you from? Come on, scan the QR code on the helmet for me. ” During the National Day holiday, the reporter came to the Dacheng Yayuan project at the intersection of Hongqi North Road and Xiangtan Road, and happened to catch up with the person in charge of the construction site, Zha gang. At the construction site of the city, the two-dimensional code is printed on the safety helmet worn by workers, becoming a new scene of the construction site. With such a two-dimensional code, not only the workers’ information is clear at a glance, but also with the help of 1nternet technology, a traceable lifelong responsibility system is formed to ensure the project quality and project safety

as soon as the reporter walked into the construction site, he caught up with Liu Zichao, chief engineer of Dacheng Yayuan Project Department of China Construction Eighth Bureau Tianjin company” “Di –“, with the sound of mobile phone code scanning, all the information of the inspected workers was displayed on Liu Zichao’s mobile phone: “name, Zhang Zhenguo; Gender, male; Type of work, electrician… “Liu Zichao told reporters that there are many workers on the construction site, and the flow of personnel is frequent, so it is difficult for general managers to accurately understand the real-time information of each worker. Nowadays, with the help of 1nternet technology, the two-dimensional code is printed on the safety helmet, which is equivalent to a mobile “1D card”. Through backstage input, it can easily integrate all kinds of workers’ information, realize the dynamic management of personnel information, strengthen the daily management and control of the construction site, and ensure the safety of the construction site” 1n the past, we had to go through on-site inquiry to check whether the workers carried out safety education. Now we just move our fingers. We can see the workers’ name, age, type of work, three-level education, safety education, health status and other information at a glance. ” Liu Zichao said that in the past, the team leader used to draw a hook on the attendance list when going to work on the construction site, but now he brushes the QR code when going in and out of the construction site every day, and the information platform has records, so the work planning information is convenient, scientific and real

the safety helmet is printed with two-dimensional code, which is also recognized by the front-line workers” The two-dimensional code is printed on the safety helmet, and there are records of clocking in and out of work. We are no longer afraid of wage disputes with contractors. ” Electrician Zhang Zhenguo told reporters that the project department printed two-dimensional code on the safety helmets of migrant workers, which solved the problem that it was difficult for them to protect their rights in the past. At the same time, this move also hit the interests of the post-90s workers, put the safety operation specifications and precautions into the QR code, replaced the traditional paper training with electronic information, and enhanced the learning enthusiasm of the workers in safety training and education

Fu Dunlin, the site Project Manager, told the reporter that the project also uses two-dimensional code technology to make the construction standards, household acceptance information and instructions into two-dimensional code house numbers, so that residents can live at ease. The application of a small two-dimensional code makes the construction site more intelligent. The reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee that more construction sites under construction in the city are also summing up the application experience of QR code, improving data linkage, and improving the standardized management level of infrastructure construction

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