Construction site staff to do their own safety precautions

The staff should do their own safety precautions:

(1) they should wear smart clothes, and wear safety helmets, safety belts (ropes), anti-skid shoes and other protective equipment properly

(2) when the operation requires vertical climbing up and down along the steel ladder and rope ladder, the safety self Roper or speed difference automatic control device must be used for protection

(3) if the operation needs to move or walk along the horizontal beam, inclined beam, horizontal pipeline or platform without protective railings, the horizontal safety rope must be set first. 1f the operation is on the upper side, the safety rope must be set above to fasten the safety belt for the operators

(4) when working in places with imperfect safety facilities, it is necessary to fasten the safety belt (safety rope) before working. The safety belt can only be tied to other components above, not to its own construction equipment

(5) it is not allowed to stand outside the protective railings or lift objects by means of railings; When working on the roof of light or simple structure such as asbestos tile, walking boards and working pedals must be placed

(6) when using crowbar and spanner tools to work hard at height, only one hand should be used to work hard, and the other hand should grasp the solid object. Do not use both hands to work hard to prevent accidents

(7) when there is an electrified body near the work place at height, the rope to transfer objects must be dry nylon rope or hemp rope

measures to prevent falling objects:

(1) the tools used in high-altitude operation should be tied with safety ropes, and the small tools and materials should use tool bags; Deliver

goods can only be delivered by rope or hand, and throwing is strictly prohibited

(2) the spot welding objects shall not be moved or lifted. The cutting workpieces, leftover materials at edges and corners, tools and other objects shall be placed in the place where they will not fall to the ground. All objects that may fall shall be prevented from falling

(3) when you need to “go to the toilet”, please use the on-site toilet, and do not go to the smoke and air duct and other hidden places for “convenience”, because such behavior will cause many tragic accidents such as accidental foot fall

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