Construction site without security facilities

On Ma5, a resident of Huining County reported that his younger brother Niu died in the construction process of a construction site in Huining County on April 27, requesting investigation and punishment. After receiving the police, the relevant departments of Huining County Public Security Bureau immediately launched the case investigation. According to the investigation, on April 27, Niu used a trolley to transport cement mortar on the construction site contracted by Yang and Zhao in zhaijiasuo Township, Huining county. He fell from the scaffold of the cast-in-place surface on the top of the second floor and died after being sent to the hospital. 1nvestigators found that the construction site did not install safety protection facilities according to the national regulations, only simple scaffolding, workers did not wear safety helmets in the construction process, and there were no safety slogans and signs on the site. On May 9, investigators summoned suspects Yang and Zhao to the case, and they confessed to the major labor safety accident they caused

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