Construction workers’ safety passport

This year, the construction site of Chongqing construction industry will implement the Ping An card, which will store the cardholder’s personal basic information, employment records, salary information, etc., and upload them to the municipal urban and Rural Development Commission through the network. Through this kind of card distribution and use training, not only can migrant workers further master the knowledge of safe production, but also can facilitate enterprises and individuals to protect their rights. Recently, Chongqing high tech Zone construction industry safety card training work officially started. 1t is estimated that by the end of this year, 16000 migrant workers in the construction industry in the high tech Zone will have their own safety cards and obtain “safety passports”

“different from the general centralized teaching, the training of Ping An card in the high tech Zone is more personalized.” On May 7, the relevant person in charge of the construction administration bureau of the high tech Zone, who is responsible for the training, said that considering the general low level of education of front-line construction workers, the training group deeply studied the training materials, improved the teaching methods, increased the number of trainees, demonstrated the correct wearing methods of safety helmets, safety belts, anti-skid shoes, etc. for the trainees, and taught the relevant knowledge of safety production. 1n order not to affect the construction period of the project, the training group used the rest time to give lectures on the construction site, and even opened a small kitchen for individual migrant workers to help them hand in hand

in this way, migrant workers are happy, because they can better protect their rights and interests; The enterprise is also happy, because the site production is safer, and the enterprise has not increased the cost due to the delay of construction period. According to the plan, the high tech Zone will complete the training of more than 16000 construction engineering employees in 2014, and popularize the construction industry safety card in 2015

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