Construction workers should strengthen protection when the weather turns cold

1n recent days, affected by the cold air, the temperature has generally declined, and the Huanghuai region in North China has even suffered from severe haze. The Meteorological Department reminded the public to minimize outdoor activities and correctly wear and use masks in haze weather

the emergence of haze leads to air pollution, which is not conducive to the diffusion of pollutants in the air, especially the decline of temperature, and has an impact on the work of construction workers. Zanhuang County Bureau of housing and urban rural development of Hebei Province held a special meeting for this purpose and formulated the work plan for winter safety production of construction sites, trained all contractors at construction sites, taught the winter safety production system and regulations, further improved the safety awareness of all construction site personnel, and firmly established the idea of “safety first, prevention first”, Fully understand the importance of safety production work in winter construction site, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of safety production work in construction site, and resolutely curb construction safety production accidents. Further strengthen the standardized management of construction site, road dust and yard dust, and stop the earthwork operation that may produce a lot of dust, so as to improve the environmental quality

implement responsibilities to ensure safe production. The general contractor of each construction site shall take the lead in the safety production of the construction site, and clarify the safety production responsibilities of each participating unit. Effective measures must be taken at the construction site to ensure that all safety protection measures are in place and to prevent illegal operation. According to the requirements of the notice of the State Council on Further Strengthening the safety work of enterprises, the construction general contractor, together with the supervision unit and the construction unit, focuses on the safety of deep foundation pit and surrounding structures, focuses on the construction safety conditions of scaffolds, lifting machinery and hanging baskets, and inspects the construction power consumption, “four port” edge protection, and the erection of formwork support system, Comprehensive prevention of falling from height, object strike and collapse accidents

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