construction workers wearing gloves in high temperature

at 2:30 pm yesterday, the reporter came to the construction site of the comprehensive transportation hub project of Yiwu Railway Station. The outdoor temperature has reached 39 ℃, but there are not many workers working in the open air

“there are more than 400 people in various types of work on our construction site. We have adjusted our working hours to avoid the high temperature period since the ambush. Now the workers working in the open air generally go to work after 3 p.m.” Wang Hui, executive manager of the project, said. 1t is understood that the railway Yiwu station comprehensive transportation hub project, known as the “city hall” of Yiwu, is not only a major livelihood project for the future development of Yiwu City, but also a key project of Zhejiang Province. The estimated total investment of the project is 1.549 billion yuan, covering an area of 35000 square meters, and the planned total construction area is 200000 square meters. 1t will become a comprehensive transportation hub integrating railway, public transport, social vehicles, rail transit and other transportation modes

at 3:30 pm yesterday, the reporter climbed to the top of the main project. Although the temperature has not changed much, some workers have started to work one after another. Huang Jianhong, a 37 year old from Guizhou, is a steel worker. He and four villagers came to work on the project site only a month ago” Now the temperature of the steel bar is at least 60 degrees centigrade. We can only wear gloves to work. 1t’s better than the place where 1 used to work. The medicine for heatstroke prevention and work and rest time are good. ” Huang Jianhong said that he and his wife have been in Yiwu for four years, and there are still three children at school in his family. The reporter saw that the workers wearing different reflective vests to distinguish the types of work, the reporter stood for a while under the high temperature and was already sweating, not to mention the workers wearing vests and shirts

“standing in the sun for one minute is sweating. Fortunately, we can have a half-hour rest. There are water supply points on the construction site, and we can bring some water with us, which is tolerable.” Huang Jianhong said that no one of them has suffered from heatstroke since they entered the ambush. With that, Huang Jianhong and his workers did their homework together” There are so many considerations for us here. We will do more in the evening and in the morning. We can’t delay the construction period, but we should do our own work well. ” Under the hot weather, the workers here, like Huang Jianhong, are still working for the sake of family life and with a sense of responsibility for work

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