Contact Xinfeng portable air box to release: a mask with active air supply

on October 16, the contact and interaction held a new product media tasting meeting in Beijing, where the latest product Xinfeng portable air box was displayed on site

according to Hao Fei, the product manager of contact interactive, Xinfeng portable air box not only has the feature of anti haze, but also has the function of active air supply. 1t is connected with the mobile app through Bluetooth, which can set the wind speed, and update the weather conditions, haze index and monitoring the use of filter cotton in the user’s area in real time. One app can control multiple (5-7) devices

it is reported that Xinfeng portable air box circulates the whole filtered air and seals it in an independent air duct, so that the air will not contact with electronic components after filtering, ensuring the purity of the air. Hao Fei, product manager, said that Xinfeng’s portable air box features active air supply, combined with the patented air inlet and outlet, so that the small volume of the product can also have a complete air circulation transmission effect

according to the reporter’s test, Xinfeng’s portable air box looks like a gas mask when it is worn. 1t has obvious blowing effect when it is used. 1t can control the size of the wind and adapt to different groups of people. Users will not feel suffocated when they use it

in terms of product endurance, Xinfeng portable air box has 300 hours of standby time, can be used for 8 hours, and can maintain 4 hours of strong wind power supply in the state of motion. The product will be launched in Jingdong Mall and Lianlian mall at the end of October, and the price is 268 yuan

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