Cool vest to cool firefighters’ rescue

the fire suit is the most basic protective equipment for firefighters when they carry out fire fighting tasks. The new type of fire-fighting clothing adopts a four layer structure, which is a special protective equipment for fire fighting, and is not suitable for other rescue operations. The clothing has no autumn or winter clothing. The fire clothing has the function of flame retardant and heat insulation, so it is also called heat insulation clothing. The cotton lining of the fire suit is actually the heat insulation layer, which is the most important protective layer to protect the body of firefighters from thermal burns. The split design is for the convenience of cleaning, and must be worn in the fire fighting operation< How to solve the problem of high temperature inside the human body after wearing fire-fighting clothes is summarized as follows: 1. Adapt to new equipment, change dress habits, and actively explore the carrying mode of new fire-fighting clothes. 1t is generally required to wear a safety belt at the waist in the fire fighting and rescue for the safety requirements of aerial operation on the one hand, and the other important reason is carrying equipment. The protection of the new type of fire suit is relatively tight, and the internal heat dissipation mainly depends on the natural ventilation of the hem of the fire suit. The safety belt just blocks this important passage. 1t seems that we should change our dress habit in time

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