Cooling and air conditioning in fabrics

Recently, a new type of anti-static and safety protective tooling fabric developed by Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Co., Ltd., “Lanxiang – saierfu” cool cooling (cooling) fabric has arrived, once again leading the global fashion of green energy conservation and environmental protection. Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd., as an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of anti-static safety protective tooling fabrics, has done a lot of research and development work in the functional diversification of anti-static fabrics while paying attention to the performance and safety of anti-static fabrics” Lanxiang saierfu “ice cool heat dissipation (cooling) anti-static safety protective tooling fabric is the latest R & D achievement after the first generation of ice cool fabric. The fabric is supervised by the special fabric R & D center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, and has been approved by Beijing 1nstitute of labor protection. 1ts anti-static performance is underwritten by P1CC” The “Lanxiang – saierfu” ice cool heat dissipation (cooling) anti-static safety protection tooling fabric adopts a variety of mineral materials with pure natural heat dissipation and cooling, anti ultraviolet and other effects, through advanced spinning equipment and weaving process, through special printing and dyeing technology to achieve the effect of fabric heat dissipation and cooling. The anti-static fabric features natural cooling, cool and comfortable signboard. 1t can quickly absorb human sweat, make skin (contact fabric) produce 1-2 ℃ instant cool feeling, and generate 2-4 ℃ temperature difference after illumination, thus reducing the requirements for refrigeration facilities in the working environment. To a certain extent, it can save 5-6% of power consumption and reduce 0.66kg of carbon emission. This kind of fabric, adhering to the requirements of new industrialization, adhering to environmentalism and bringing cool feeling, will be very popular in the field of safety protection summer tooling for workers in the production industry. The cooling performance of the fabric is strictly tested by SGS of Japan. The data show that the fabric with 32 * 32 130 * 70 2 / 1 fine skew is composed of 60% cotton fiber and 40% cooling fiber (36% nylon material and 4% cooling material). 1n many tests of instant contact cool feeling, it is found that the value of instant cool feeling q-max (w / cm2) of the fabric is much higher than the value of ≥ 0.14 which is required by international standards. Therefore, “Lanxiang – saierfu” cool heat dissipation anti-static safety protection tooling fabric is worthy of its cool heat dissipation performance. Fabric cooling performance SGS test data sheet No.: shsl1109199793-1tx fabric specification 130 * 70 2 / 1 fine inclined fabric composition 60% cotton fiber, 40% cooling fiber. Test items test instrument test conditions test value contact cold temperature evaluation test (q-max) value kef-f7 (thermo labo â…? temperature 20 ℃ 1234 5 average humidity 60% 0.3170.3130.3150.3110.3140.314 â–?T20 ℃

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