Copyright “escort”, fabric more and more “longevity”

the life cycle of the same self-developed fashion women’s clothing fabric has been extended from more than one month in the past to two or three months now, making more profits” The reason is that our fabrics have been registered for pattern copyright protection since the beginning of design. ” The relevant person in charge of Yongsheng Fabric Co., Ltd., a fabric developer whose fabric life cycle has doubled, has solved the mystery that fabric patterns need independent innovation, but also need the protection of innovation

in the textile market for more than 20 years, “Yongsheng cloth industry” has paid special attention to fabric innovation in recent years, increased research and development efforts, and launched more than 30 new patterns every month. 1t has not only become a best-selling product in the textile market, but also the preferred product of domestic first-line women’s clothing brands. Therefore, Yongsheng cloth industry has always maintained a strong competitiveness in the industry

however, since March this year, the company’s new products have encountered “Li Gui” and won the copyright protection. After getting justice back, the company deeply realizes that innovation is not enough, and the focus of enterprise innovation is to extend the life cycle of innovative fabrics. Therefore, Yongsheng cloth industry has become an active participant in the registration of pattern copyright. From the initial stage of pattern description and design, the vice president of the company has personally carried out the registration of pattern copyright” For our company, pattern copyright registration has become an important part of product development and innovation, and this cost has been included in the company’s necessary financial cost. ” Wang Guoquan, vice president of the company, told reporters that in the same output, in the first half of this year, the company’s sales increased by 20%. Among them, pattern copyright protection has extended the life cycle of new products more than twice as long as in the past, and the number of imitation fabrics has decreased, which has effectively stabilized the fabric market price and greatly diluted the development cost

fabrics, as the forefront of fashion clothing, the key is to seek novelty and speed. Therefore, the life cycle of fabrics in the current season and the stable market price are directly related to the profits of the fabric developers” We are not afraid that new products will be imitated as soon as they come into the market. “Recently, Chen Yuming, a red, green and blue printing and dyeing operator in Binhai 1ndustrial Zone, sighed that once, in the light textile market where imitation is popular, the development and best-selling cycle of new products really has the embarrassment of” ten years off stage, one minute on stage “. However, in the two years since the establishment of the pattern copyright registration office of the Textile City, pattern copyright protection has increasingly become the “umbrella” of textile enterprises and operators with independent innovation ability for innovative fabrics. So far, more than 4600 pattern copyright registration certificates have been obtained

not long ago, the registration of pattern copyright in textile city was expanded, from accepting only the registration of works of Textile City farms to the registration of works of production enterprises, which indicates that the “umbrella” of pattern copyright will be expanded in the future

Author: Wang Qiuli

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