Correct wearing of work clothes

Correctly wearing work clothes can help regulate body temperature and protect skin, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof, fireproof, anti-virus and anti thermal radiation. Whether wearing work clothes is reasonable or not is directly related to human health

when working in high temperature environment, the amount of heat radiation is large. Therefore, the thick and soft cloth should be used as much as possible when working in high temperature environment. 1n addition, people sweat a lot when working in high temperature, and some people like to be shirtless. This will cause heat radiation to burn the skin, make the skin hot and dry, reduce the heat dissipation function, and easily hurt the body. Therefore, working under high temperature should not only wear work clothes, but also wear thick long sleeve clothes and trousers

the standard of wearing work clothes:

1. The work clothes should be of moderate size and suitable for your body. Not too big, not too small

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