Cotton and silk fabric prices accelerate callback

affected by the continuous rain, the marketing of “cotton silk” fabric in China Textile City has been accelerated, and the price has been comprehensively callback

“cotton silk” in the main representative of dyeing varieties 32S × 32S.66 × As the price of the former grey cloth continues to drop, the price of the finished product is about 6.10 yuan / m from several thousand meters, 6.15 yuan / m for several hundred meters, and 30s for another variety × 30S.68 × 68, the price of the small batch is about 7.50 yuan / m, the large batch is about 7.40 yuan / m, and others are 30s × 68 engraving printed “cotton silk”, 30s × 68 embroidered “cotton silk”, 30s × 68 carving embroidery “cotton silk”, with the former gray cloth have been reduced prices, prices have been concessions; Carving and embroidery “man-made cotton” has the largest decline, with a cumulative decline of 0.50 yuan / m. from the comparison of prices before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, it can be seen that carving and embroidery varieties have a cumulative decline of 1.00 yuan / m

“cotton silk” fabric is less and less affected by the shower, and sales promotion has been accelerated both inside and outside the market. Except for Pakistan and Vietnam, export sales continue to make more transactions, while domestic sales begin to show off-season, and the price of the whole line drops again; Some, such as fragmentary varieties and varieties with a long marketing cycle, began to increase investment in promotion

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