Count the fabrics you don’t know

40 “cement” skirts purify two square meters of space in one minute, and one cup of coffee grounds makes two coffee yarn T-shirts

What fabric is the most comfortable and appropriate? 1’m afraid even the answer given by fashion experts can’t contain the following three materials: cement, coffee and tea

“cement” skirt acts as air purifier

recently, fashion designers from University of Sheffield, London fashion school and University of Auster jointly developed the world’s first garment with air purification function – “she”, which is made of malleable “transparent” cement

“transparent” cement can absorb pollutants in the surrounding air, which has been used in buildings to protect air quality in Europe. However, as a clothing material, it is an unprecedented practice. Some experts pointed out that “transparent” cement is actually sprayed concrete, which is a mixture of cement and gravel as the main components

according to the designer, “she” contains titanium dioxide, which can remove organic compounds such as nitrogen oxide after reacting with pollutants in the air under the catalysis of sunlight. Professor Tony lane of Sheffield University said she could reduce nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the surrounding area by 65%. Helen storry, designer of London Fashion 1nstitute, said, “wearing this kind of clothes on the road can clean the air and give the people around you cleaner air.”

at present, “she” is only a “highly experimental” conceptual model. The designer said that he would design Wearable clothes as soon as possible, and optimistically said that in only one minute, 40 people wearing such clothes could purify the air of two square meters

“she” has a fashionable appearance, which is enough to step on the red carpet to attend the ceremony, but there are still many problems to be solved with this skirt. For example, cement is cement after all. No matter how flexible it is, the comfort will be greatly reduced compared with ordinary clothes. And after the air is cleaned, are the clothes dirty? 1n the long run, personal image and health will be greatly damaged

coffee gauze can prevent sun and remove peculiar smell

compared with “her” cement material, coffee gauze fabric developed by Taiwan textile company singtex is much more comfortable. The fabric named S. Cafe uses recycled coffee dregs, which is a kind of fabric woven by adding coffee dregs into sweat wicking fiber with special processing technology. Coffee dregs are carbonized at 160 ℃ to 180 ℃ and then spun into yarn after wire drawing

the clothes made of coffee grounds not only dry fast, but also can prevent ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the ability of absorbing odor is super strong, and the abundant holes on its surface can absorb the locked gas molecules. 1n midsummer, wearing coffee gauze can not only prevent sun and sweat, but also remove sweat odor

but will the coffee grounds needed to make a dress consume a lot of coffee beans? Such worries are superfluous. Because making a cup of coffee, the leftover coffee grounds can make two T-shirt sized clothes

the tea shirt is becoming stronger and stronger

the scientists from emperor’s College London and central St. Martin School of art and design have cooperated to develop a kind of extremely light clothing material that looks like both leather and textile. This fabric has been used to make shirts, jackets, women’s wear and shoes. The British call it tea shirt because it is made of tea

the tea shirt is very practical, and it becomes “new” clothes after simple treatment such as dyeing and melting. The inventors are confident that this innovative fabric will lead the future of the textile industry, while traditional raw materials such as cotton, wool and leather will be restricted

the tea shirt is made of waste green tea, sugar and other nutrients through special processing. The mixed liquid can stimulate the growth of Acetobacter and produce cellulose filaments. Under the action of cellulose, the tea shirt is stronger and stronger

after washing and drying, the tea shirt will become transparent. Professor Paul Freeman, a molecular biologist at emperor’s College London, said: “this kind of clothes is as tough as leather when they are dried and can’t tear at all.”

however, if you wear a tea shirt on the street, the strong smell may attract passers-by’s attention. After all, fungi are constantly growing. 1t will take time to overcome this problem. However, with the depletion of natural resources, the market prospect of this biological fabric is extremely considerable

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