Countermeasures and measures to prevent asphyxia and poison in chemical industry

We should optimize the combination of materials and processes, production equipment (device), control and operating system, toxic medium leakage (including accident leakage) treatment, emergency and other technical measures, and take comprehensive countermeasures

(1) materials and processes

it is a fundamental measure to replace toxic and high toxic processes and materials with non-toxic and low toxic processes and materials as far as possible

(2) process equipment (device)

the production device should be closed and pipelined to realize negative pressure production as far as possible to prevent leakage and escape of toxic substances

the mechanization, programming and automatic control of the production process can make the operators not contact or less contact with toxic substances and prevent poisoning accidents caused by misoperation

(3) ventilation and purification

limited by technical and economic conditions, when toxic substances still escape and natural ventilation can not meet the requirements, necessary mechanical ventilation and detoxification (emission) devices should be equipped to limit the concentration of toxic substances in the air of workplace below the specified maximum allowable concentration

there are three main methods of detoxification by mechanical ventilation: general ventilation, local exhaust and local air supply

1. comprehensive mechanical ventilation

ventilate and exchange air for the whole plant

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