Create safety atmosphere everywhere

1nnovation is the soul of a nation’s progress and the inexhaustible power of prosperity

at the Sanxing safety production experience venue in Xi’an, a person in charge of a construction enterprise felt the Simulated High-altitude fall and said: “after working in construction for so many years, no one thought that it was like falling from the upstairs. Go back and check the measures of the construction site.” This is only a part of the safety experience. 21 kinds of experience projects, such as helmet impact test, Simulated High-altitude fall and safety barrier collapse, enrich the management, completely change the previous scripted training mode, and the effect is very significant

in a villager’s community in waijiapo street, Xi’an City, the cadre of the street office investigated the gas safety one by one. This is the community directly in charge of by this cadre. The community residents said, “he comes back every day to have a look around. When there are safety problems, he will remind us and issue publicity materials regularly.” This is the actual effect of the establishment of safe community by waiting for Jiapo Street office

the improvement of the safety awareness of the whole people is the fundamental way to improve the safety level of the whole society. This year, many front-line employees found that education and training has a new term – “free training”. This year, the city has organized 10 free training courses and trained 1082 people. The quality of training has been significantly improved

in the past year, the word “safety” can be seen everywhere in our city. Sitting on buses, subways and taxis, citizens can see the warm tips of rolling production safety. With the deepening of publicity, “12350” security reporting phone has become a household name

if you want to work together, you will win. With the correct decision of the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and the joint efforts of all member units, we believe that the municipal safety committee will surely win this year’s Spring Festival security war, let the broad masses of the people have a safe and happy Spring Festival, and make a good start for the year’s production safety work

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