creative work clothes collection activities of Xiusong expressway are in full swing

From October 18, the Xiusong Expressway creative work clothes collection competition, sponsored by Qingtie faxiusong Expressway Co., Ltd. and undertaken by zhubajie.com, was officially launched. At present, just a week after the solicitation, many works have been received from all over the country, and the deadline for submission is November 3. This activity is open to the whole society. Friends can actively participate in the activity and contribute to win the prize< 1t is understood that the construction of Xiusong expressway has entered the countdown stage and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 1n order to help the construction of Xiusong expressway, further serve the people, better highlight the local ethnic characteristics, and establish a good window image of Southeast Chongqing, Chongqing Tiefa Xiusong Expressway Co., Ltd. and zhubajie.com jointly carried out the collection activity of "Yi" xiangtian pioneering work clothes Xiusong expressway is not only a channel out of the province, but also a fast channel for Chongqing, Hunan and Guizhou to build a golden triangle of tourism. At present, it takes two hours from Xiushan to Fenghuang, while it still takes four hours from Xiushan to Fanjing, a famous Buddhist mountain. After the opening of Xiusong expressway, Xiushan to Fanjing Mountain will also be shortened to two hours. Xiushan border city, Fenghuang in Hunan and Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou will form a new tourism ring. At that time, visitors to Xiushan will be able to completely realize “one foot on three provinces” Xiusong Expressway starts from Xiushan Guanzhuang and connects Jiujiang Township, taipingying Township, Songtao County, Guizhou Province. The total length of the expressway is 48 km, of which the Chongqing section is 30.57 km, with a two-way four lane design and a set speed of 80 km / h. After the completion of this expressway, the driving distance from Xiushan to Songtao will be shortened by 12 kilometers clothing is an important cultural symbol of a nation, an artistic heritage of a nation’s silent language, and one of the symbols that distinguish a nation from other nations. This activity requires that the entries should reflect the local ethnic elements, take into account the functional characteristics of the work clothes, and take into account the design theme of this competition. While showing the artistry, they should fully reflect the practicality, innovation and sense of the times, and reflect the essence of the corporate culture of Chongqing Tiefa Xiusong Expressway Co., Ltd there are four prizes in this competition, one of which is the first prize with a prize of 20000 yuan; One second prize, 10000 yuan; One third prize, 5000 yuan. Five outstanding awards, each with a bonus of 2000 yuan. The above awards will be selected by the expert jury and online voting, and the selection will be conducted within 7 days after the end of the collection. Welcome friends to participate in the activity

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