Credit degradation of construction enterprises in Anhui Province

On Ma5, Anhui Provincial Highway and waterway engineering “quality year of Anhui” activity promotion meeting was held. 1n order to deeply learn the lessons of “5.3” accident and resolutely curb the safety production accidents in the field of traffic construction, Anhui Provincial Department of transportation carried out comprehensive rectification and investigation on the safety production hidden dangers of traffic construction projects

on Ma3, a landslide occurred in the right tunnel of longtouling tunnel in the wdq-06 contract section of Wangdong Yangtze River Highway Bridge in Chizhou City, resulting in the death of six workers and the injury of two. Anhui provincial government attaches great importance to this, and requests to draw inferences from one instance, draw lessons from other cases, seriously rectify, carry out safety production inspection in the whole province, and practically strengthen construction site management

Mei Jin, director of the Department of transportation of Anhui Province, said that we should learn from the lessons of the accident, and immediately organize and carry out a large-scale investigation and rectification of safety hidden dangers, focusing on the prevention of safety accidents, and continue to deepen the special rectification activities of “anti collapse, anti falling and anti three violations”; Rectify and eliminate the hidden dangers within a time limit, prohibit operation with diseases, and resolutely prevent and control construction safety accidents. Set up a special inspection and supervision team, and immediately order rectification if problems are found. The credit rating of the construction units with imperfect safety production rules and regulations, non implementation of safety personnel funds and non-compliance with safety production regulations will be reduced; Major accidents in production safety will be directly listed in the “blacklist” of Anhui traffic construction market

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