Cross border marketing of Beijing work clothes customization factory for market development

Cross over is becoming a hot word in the world media nowadays. 1t has been repeatedly mentioned and practiced in different industries. At the same time, it has increasingly become a trend in the era of globalization

using the characteristics and advantages of their respective brands to extract the core elements, fit with the core elements of the “partners” brand, and interpret a common user experience from multiple aspects, which is called cross-border marketing. The biggest benefit of cross-border cooperation for the brand is to let the originally unrelated elements penetrate and fuse with each other, so as to give the brand a sense of three-dimensional and depth

there are many ways of cross-border marketing: product cross-border, channel cross-border, cultural cross-border, marketing cross-border, cross-border and so on

seven principles of cross-border marketing

“cross border” represents the integration of a new life attitude and aesthetic style. Different brands that can establish “cross-border” relationship must be complementary rather than competitive. The complementarity here is not functional complementarity, but user experience complementarity

there are three main types of cross-border marketing

brand cross-border: the marriage of brands of the same level

brand cross-border is often two equally famous brands in different fields to jointly carry out brand promotion and promotion. This kind of cross-border marketing is to enhance the attraction to consumers, use the other party’s loyal consumer groups to improve sales opportunities, and promote the brand competitiveness Strengthen brand loyalty and favor

at 2012 China joy (China international digital interactive entertainment products and Technology Application Exhibition), VANCL and giant network jointly presented their cross-border cooperation in Xianxia world, journey 2 and new T-shirt products with player pattern. At the same time, both sides will also customize the trend T-shirt with the theme of “player” for game players. The two sides will call resources including Vanke official website recommendation, giant online game client to carry out joint marketing

the deep cooperation between e-commerce and online games challenges everyone’s imagination. However, VANCL and giant have close consumer groups, and the two sides are expected to reach a win-win situation. 1n the cooperation between VANCL and giant, giant will authorize the image of some games to VANCL, and make full use of them in the development of clothing and household products

VANCL has accumulated an audience in 1nternet and FMCG; Giant network has hundreds of millions of players in game related fields. 1f both sides can combine these two advantageous resources, both sides can win

the cooperation between two industries with great differences actually enriches the shopping experience for consumers to a certain extent. Cross border to redefine the new rising consumer groups, although seemingly disorganized, seemingly complex consumer behavior, actually has its own unique form, once mastered their life form, they have the opportunity to find new business opportunities and enhance their competitiveness

promotion cross border: bundling sales is the key point

promotion cross border refers to a promotion cooperation plan reached by both parties, in which the products of one enterprise become the promotion products or promotion tools of the other enterprise, or both parties take the products of the other party as the promotion products of their own products. Bundling means that two or more enterprises sell their products to customers as a whole, so as to reduce the overall price and increase the sales volume

cross border promotion is widely used in the sales of food and beverage, household appliances, automobiles and other products, in the form of one product taking another product or a variety of products as promotional products, and enterprises reach promotional product supply contracts or cooperation agreements

in 2014, Eason, a subsidiary of Tencent e-commerce, reached an annual brand strategic cooperation agreement with Coca Cola, a world-famous brand, and jointly launched large-scale promotional activities with Coca Cola since March 3. 990 million bottles of customized versions of Eason, including Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta, were distributed nationwide. Coca Cola’s advertising for the event was also broadcast on major satellite TV stations across the country. Consumers can collect the strings in the bottle caps and participate in the on-time second killing activity on Eason through computers or mobile phones

the highlight of this cooperation is the creation of the o2o mode of cross-border marketing. Coca Cola exposes and promotes its activities through the traditional retail channels of department stores. Eason makes use of Tencent’s advantageous platform in PC and mobile terminals to provide marketing and service scenarios. Compared with the traditional cross-border marketing, Eason’s marketing and service platform is more competitive, The strategic cooperation between Eason and Coca Cola not only includes two groups on the line and offline, but also integrates brand promotion with sales and promotion more closely

cross channel: channel and terminal as the core

cross channel is widely used in the industry with channel and terminal as the core. 1n recent years, there are many such examples in China and other countries

Prada not only cooperates with Hyundai in car projects, but also opens a bar in London called “the double”. This nightclub, which can drink, have dinner and dance, has a distinctive Western Congo style. 1t is decorated with many artists’ works, which are combined with the vigorous music of western pop and African ethnic customs, so that people can dance all night. Prada plans to donate all the proceeds to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UN1CEF) and city of joy

the Armani Hotel, built by the famous 1talian fashion master Giorgio Armani and the real estate company emmal, is located in the world’s tallest building, the tower of Dubai. 1t is the first flagship store of Armani global chain hotels. 1ts interior design and furniture decoration all follow the Armani brand style. 1n addition to 175 V1P rooms and Suites, there are 40000 square meters of restaurants and hot springs. 1n addition, the furniture and other product design of 144 luxury residential apartments next to the hotel are also operated by Armani

when complementary brands unite to interpret or express a new partnership or consumption experience, they will not reduce the expressive power of one of them because of the increase of elements, on the contrary, they will enlarge the expressive power of all brands because they are more likely to have brand associations with each other, and the combination is easier to form the overall brand impression, Create brand association with more tension

conclusion: as a marketing method, the essence of cross-border marketing lies in “innovation”. The purpose is to solve the problems existing in the new marketing environment through innovation and achieve win-win results for both parties. As the principle that enterprises need to grasp in the actual application process, they should avoid the misunderstanding of “only born in this mountain, not knowing the true face of Lushan Mountain”, Jump out of “Lushan” — that is, “jump out of the brand to see the brand, jump out of the industry to see the industry”, subvert the traditional thinking, implement the “boundless” operation, boldly learn from and graft the ideas, models, resources and methods of other products and industries, and use them for our own use, surpass the past, make breakthroughs, and achieve multi win

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