CSA group holds North America safety shoes certification forum in Wenzhou

Recently, CSA group held a special forum on safety shoes certification in North America in Wenzhou, the shoe capital, to analyze market trends, introduce laws and regulations, interpret the latest standards, and share certification experience. Famous enterprises in the safety shoes industry, such as Seine, spider king, peak and so on, also received strong support from local geological inspection and testing departments. At the meeting, CSA experts and participants actively interacted with each other. During the meeting, participants had extensive exchanges, and all parties had good feedback. They agreed that the forum was a big platform for the safety shoes industry to exchange needs, understand the North American market and its regulations, and break technical barriers, achieving the fundamental purpose of the forum< As we all know, Wenzhou is the shoe capital of China, and Ruian City under its jurisdiction has won the title of safety shoes city of China. 1n the past decade, the safety shoes industry in this region has developed from scratch. From being exported to Europe in the past to entering North America in recent years, it has made great efforts to overcome technical barriers and the road is not smooth. CSA group, as the authority of global standards and testing, understands the market background and is eager to meet the needs of customers. 1t sent staff to Wenzhou to hold this forum to introduce the situation of North American technical barriers and share one-stop North American safety shoes certification service, paving the way for the majority of shoe enterprises in North America at the forum, Mr. Chen Weiqiang, a senior Certification Engineer of CSA group, made an in-depth interpretation of the North American market certification and its regulatory system, Canadian and American safety shoes standards, and made a case analysis. After the meeting, Mr. Zhou Qingfang, product manager of CSA group, said: we hope that by holding such a forum, we can provide face-to-face communication opportunities for safety shoes retailers and factories, better solve their product problems, and help more Chinese enterprises go abroad and enter the North American market at present, CSA Shanghai and Guangzhou laboratories can provide localized safety shoes testing and certification services, thus reducing the certification costs and shortening the certification cycle. They can also provide one-stop certification and testing services in the United States and Canada. CSA China has provided certification services for global famous brands including cat, timberland, kodiakgroup, etc. At present, the local safety shoes products that can be certified and tested include: safety shoes with toe protection function, safety shoes with anti electric shock protection function, safety shoes with anti-static protection function, safety shoes with metatarsal bone protection function, etc safety shoes and protective shoes are generally referred to as shoes that can protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries worn in different workplaces. Safety shoes belong to high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety shoes has high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, machinery and equipment. At present, many domestic shoemaking enterprises with a certain scale and grade have turned their attention to the market field of safety protective shoes which used to be occupied by developed countries copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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