CSA group safety shoes independent ASTM Test provides more flexible customer service

On July 30, CSA group (Canadian Standards Association) is the world’s leading standard development organization, as well as a global supplier of product testing, certification and consumer product evaluation services. 1ts product safety testing and certification service is the most authoritative representative in North America. For many years, it has been promoting the safety standards of North America market all over the world, helping product manufacturers understand the standards, making their products conform to the standards, so as to enter North America and even the world market. 1n recent years, CSA is committed to the development of China’s localization testing and certification services, and constantly improve the level of customer service, in order to achieve customer-oriented, service content close to the needs of each customer. 1n terms of testing service for occupational safety shoes, CSA provides independent ASTM testing for customers, so that customers have more flexible control over testing time and cost

CSA group has a long history and high-end professional knowledge in the standard development and testing of occupational safety shoes. The ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) test is a necessary test for occupational safety shoes to enter the U.S. market. CSA also includes this test in providing CSA certification. CSA will be independent of ASTM testing, so that customers only for the U.S. market can complete the testing required by the U.S. market in a shorter time and at a lower cost, and obtain the certification mark of the market, so that the products can be launched into the market as soon as possible, and the manufacturers of safety shoes who need CSA testing and certification services will not be affected at all. 1n this way, manufacturers targeting the U.S. market or the entire North American market can adapt to each other. This flexible one-stop service enables customers to come to CSA and get all kinds of tailor-made services. They do not have to go to different certification bodies to seek all kinds of required tests and certification, thus saving time and cost. Since the launch of the service, it has been widely welcomed, which is the most specific recognition and affirmation of CSA customer service quality

in order to make customers know more about the testing methods and requirements of various safety shoes, the requirements of various protection functions, and various protection marks in ASTM and CSA testing and certification services, so that customers can clearly understand their specific standards and requirements and their differences, so that customers can choose their own services according to their own needs, CSA has recently held a seminar, 1t attracted nearly 50 people from the industry to participate. Many CSA senior engineers gave lectures for customers on the spot. They also communicated with customers, had in-depth and three-dimensional understanding of customers’ needs, and explained and clarified customers’ doubts

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