cultural Linfen: small safety helmet

Whenever 1 see deep and shallow scratches and collision marks on my safety helmet, 1 feel cordial when 1 touch these marks, because its company all the way gives us the most important safety. No matter on-site inspection, on-site operation or high-altitude operation, it reminds us that safety production should start from details all the time

some people don’t think it’s necessary to wear safety helmets, but small safety helmets contain a lot of truth. Safety helmets play a protective role in head injury caused by external force, mainly to protect the head from falling objects from high altitude and collision

the small helmet has shock absorption performance, low temperature resistance and electrical insulation. 1t not only protects the brain that brings us wisdom, but also carries a person’s responsibility for work, enterprise and family’s hope for your safety

in my daily work, whenever 1 feel sweating by the helmet on my head, 1 still feel extremely safe in my heart. Whenever 1 accidentally touch an object, the helmet will make a clear sound. Let us feel that the sound is to ring the alarm for our safety, let us always pay attention to safety

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