customization of work clothes mainly considers the function and practicability!

As the name suggests, work clothes are mainly labor protection articles for employees in the production and operation environment. With the progress of the times, work clothes are more and more fashionable, all kinds of color contrast, design, all kinds of accessories than before. The effect of the clothes also makes the enterprise more colorful and improves its image. 1n this fashion atmosphere, we should always pay attention to the practicality of work clothes. 1s it in line with the working environment of your company, and is the staff comfortable? Let’s talk about it by Xiao Bian

today, we only give one example for your reference

first, the hem of the overalls is elastic. This kind of work clothes is more convenient for outdoor work clothes, and the work is clean and tidy. Employees can wear larger or smaller waistlines for greater flexibility. But in summer, the elastic style is a little tight, and the air permeability of the hem is poor

Second, the work clothes use the way of adjusting buttons. This way can be regarded as a semi leisure bar. For example, some units have a small amount of labor, and this style is relatively common. 1t’s more breathable in summer. Of course, it’s cooler in winter

the above is what Xiaobian explained to you. 1 believe you all know it! 1n short, the work clothes must play its role, which is more suitable to choose, not just to look good