customized shoes and masks

PM burst watch, breathing difficulties, haze shrouded in Beijing, everywhere exudes sorrow and sadness! Under the dome, there is no escape or escape. Well, since breathing is not good, we can only choose to save ourselves. 1n order to arouse people’s attention to air pollution, a designer in Beijing started to transform the shoes of Adidas and Nike into masks

traditional masks still have some shortcomings, such as they are not good-looking and not comfortable to wear. The design of shoes has both modeling and breathable and comfortable materials. Finally, after a jog, he can’t help but tear down the shoes he collected and transform them into masks< More than two years ago, Wang Zhijun, who is fond of collecting shoes, began to transform shoes into masks. A pair of masks designed by Adidas yeezy boost 350 v2s, which costs about NT $22560 and costs US $700, has made him famous, causing buyers on eBay to compete and bid as much as us $5000< For Wang Zhijun, the masks made of sneakers are not only more beautiful and comfortable, but also hope to attract people's attention to China's haze problem through his own design. Since last winter, China's haze alarm wave after wave has affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people, Such an appeal is more valuable and urgent

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