Cut off the profit chain of fake and inferior labor protection articles

recently, according to Hebei news broadcast, the reporter visited a number of construction sites and labor protection stores in Shijiazhuang and found that the safety helmet is not safe

the main reason for insecurity is that the safety helmet standard GB / T 2811-2007 clearly stipulates the standards that the safety helmet products should meet. After impact and puncture tests, the cap shell shall not fall off. According to this standard, in terms of impact resistance, a qualified safety helmet should be able to withstand the impact caused by a 5 kg hammer falling vertically from a height of 1 meter. The safety helmet that the reporter saw did not meet the standard. Needless to say, it could not be knocked with a hammer, even with bricks. Even when the reporter knocked with his hands, the worker said, “don’t knock, just knock out a hole.”

as the necessary equipment to protect the safety of construction personnel, the safety helmet is also the last safety guarantee, but there is such a quality standard: the safety helmet is not only thin and transparent, but also very soft, and it will deform when pressed lightly by hand. The safety helmet which should play a role of safety protection can not play a role of protection, but why can it be produced from the factory and enter the market, enter the construction site, not even one, but a common phenomenon in many construction sites. For such helmets, which can not provide any protective effect at all, the workers are very helpless. They just regard wearing helmets as a psychological comfort, mainly relying on their own more care

workers can be helpless, but as a regulatory department, they can’t. After all, there are also quite good ones. As the article said, there are no substandard safety helmets in Beijing and Shanghai. The workers said, “one Beijing, one Shanghai, come here to check where the safety helmets and safety belts are produced, how many days they are produced, and how much the pulling force is. All the safety helmets and safety belts need to be tested on the spot. Those who are not up to standard will be fined. 1f Beijing punishes tens of thousands at a time, it will punish tens of thousands at a time. ” Therefore, the existence of unsafe helmets has a lot to do with the inaction of local regulatory authorities

the reason why inferior safety helmets can be popular is that they need to meet three conditions: first, the lack of safety awareness and helplessness of workers; Second, businessmen, enterprises and contractors on the construction site are only for profit; Third, the relevant departments take an attitude of listening to and letting go of the hidden dangers that can be found by ordinary people’s eyes and hands. Only when these three aspects are all in line, can inferior safety helmets become popular

the following measures should be taken: first, strengthen the safety awareness of workers, and increase the amount of rewards for workers to report, so as to improve their enthusiasm for reporting; Second, it is mandatory to implement safety standards. Once unqualified safety helmets are found, the reasons should be found in all aspects of production, sales and use. No matter it is construction sites, businesses or production enterprises, they should be punished according to the highest standards, so that their profits are not enough to be punished; The third is to strengthen the inspection, especially if the superior department is unable to conduct a general survey, it can conduct spot checks and find unqualified safety helmets, so it should be accountable to the local regulatory authorities. Only in this way can poor safety helmets survive

of course, we should draw inferences from one instance. Labor protection articles are not just safety helmets. We should also check whether there are anti-skid shoes, protective clothing and safety belts

if other products can be divided into upper, middle and lower standards to meet the needs of people at different levels, then the labor protection articles are used to protect the life safety of workers. A standard, a national mandatory unified standard, must be implemented. Once the labor protection articles that do not meet the requirements are found, whether they are useful or not, they must be traced back to the source, Both producers and sellers should be severely punished to cut off the profit chain of their survival. Only in this way can labor protection articles really play a role in protecting the safety of workers

Author: Huai’an administration of work safety, Jiangsu Province

commentator: Wang Dongzhao

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